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Oct 5, 2007 08:56 PM

Help Us Picky Eaters on Our Anniversary!

First, I want to say how much I have enjoyed reading all your postings. This is my first post. While I am overwhelmed with information from you all, I decided to start a new thread because I now have too much information!

My wife and I will be visting New Orleans to celebrate our 9th anniversary in late October. That's only three weeks from now. We will be there three nights and four days. We want to invest heavily in food.

But we are not so typical. First, I will eat meat but can't stand the thought of those poor geese who are made to suffer for fois gras (although it is admittedly delicious). But other than that I will eat about anything.

My wife not so much. She loves fish and seafood but no red meat. However, she wants me to enjoy it so we are looking for places that do both well.

Also, she and I differ slightly on themes. She wants old school regional cooking, yet, she says she "has had enough of Prudhomme." Not quite sure how to interpret that. For her, fusion is not a key criterion.

I want to try the new places. Stella! sounds like one of them. But, how can you go to a place like New Orleans and not go to one of the classics, like Emeril's or Galatoires or all the other white tablecloth places that I've read on this board.

Finally, it's late! What places are likely to find room for us this late, and which places are too filled up at this point?

Well there's one more: $$$. I would like to keep the dinner bills under $300 for two. Now that seems like a lot to me, but where I come from $300 barely gets you past the appetizer at some places.

I'm thinking one traditional, famous place, one modern place and then a wildcard pick.




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  1. Here's a wildcard:


    I'll let the others tell you about it!

    Happy Anniversary!

    1. If you bave not been, I highly, highly recommend Brigtsens. Other than that, Stella is great, but not really creole/cajun/regional at all. August is beautiful and delicious, but falls in into the same category as Stella. A curveball - look into Gautreau's. I have not been since it re-opened, but apparently it is the same chef as before, and it was absolutely delicious when I went. If you have a car, it may be very romantic and a nice excursion to go out of the city, to Sal & Judy's, La Provence, etc. I really think Brigtsens has everything you are looking for though.

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      1. re: mikek

        Brigstens is on our list. Stella off the list. Too esoteric. I guess I am older school than I thought.

        Gautreau's sounds interesting. I will research it. Restaurant websites have changed everything.

        I love wildcards. Thanks for those. So hard to pick only three!

        Oh and I *will* be going to Domalise for an oyster poboy. We heard about this place the last time I went in 2000, when two locals were having a conversation about the best oyster poboys in town and I listened in. I am crazy about good oyster poboys and here in SF there are none to be had.

        Who else can weigh in on this subtopic? Are there any better oyster poboys to be had?

        Thanks again Mike and Isabella.


        1. re: Steveaux

          You're welcome Steveaux!

          Well, personnally, I do not like Domalise's and so I wouldn't go there.
          I'd go to Casamento's instead. BUT . . . they do not serve them on French Bread. I have no idea why, but that's the way it has always been, for very many years. Just do it!

          1. re: Isabella

            Delachaise is great. Take time to talk to Chef Chris, he really does enjoy talking about food. If you want a good poboy go to Parasol.

          2. re: Steveaux

            Domalise's is the best. I'd definetly go there.

        2. Has Dick and Jenny's been considered ?

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            1. re: anteeks

              I don't for a minute believe they served you on a dirty plate. Your experience is the exception not the rule.

          1. Herbsaint, every bit as good as Brigtsen's.

            1. For traditional - Brightsen's
              Famous place - August
              Modern - Cochon or Cuvee
              Wildcard - Vizard's

              You'll have no problem staying under $300. Unless you really splurge on wine, you're closer to $200.

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