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Oct 5, 2007 08:13 PM

chocolate ice box cake?

I'm looking for some recipe that pretty much just involves chocolate wafer cookies and whipped cream or some other cream type food to hold it together. I know you have to refridgerate it for awhile. Any idea what the heck I'm looking for?

Thanks Hounds!


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  1. Absolutely. The "recipe" is still, I believe, printed right o the box of those thing chocolate wafers, which you can still find in most major supermarkets (I don't remember the name of the company that makes them. The cake is, as you rightly recall, made by spreading sweetened whipped cream between cookies in stacks, then standing them on edge to form a roll, and covering the whole thing with more whipped cream, then refrigerating it until the cookies become soft and cakelike. Delish.

      1. to you from chowhound!

        Ice Box Chocolate and Blackebrry Creme Cake

        1. I just often use oreo cookies. I twist the two cookie layers apart and scrape off the white filling, then use them just as you would the other kind of chocolate wafers, spread with whipped cream, etc. I also make ice cream sandwiches this way, again scrape away the white oreo filling and spoon on some ice cream - delicious! (kids love them too - heck, who doesn't?)

          1. I make that cake in a springform pan with horizontal layers and then when you take off the springform ring it looks really great. And I also grate some dark chocolate on top for a garnish.