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Oct 5, 2007 07:37 PM

Near the train station in Beverly?

I'm coming to Beverly to go out with some friends. They're not as food-obsessed as I am, so I'm turning to my fellow chowhounds for help finding a place for a Friday night dinner.

My ideal place would be walking distance to the commuter rail station, quiet enough for good conversation, nice enough atmosphere that we'll feel like lingering, and amazingly delicious. Does such a thing exist? It doesn't matter whether it's plain or fancy, although a glass of wine and a friendly attitude would be great.

I don't know geography in Beverly, so maybe there's nothing near the train station. Some of the places that sound good from the chowhound archives are cielito lindo and tryst (I know they're probably very different, but my most important parameter is deliciousness).

Any tips?

Thanks! I'll report back!

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  1. I haven't been there for a while but there is the Beverly Depot Restaurant.... Is that near the station? I think it is. American food, and nice's a link:

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      It is exactly AT the station. I haven't been in was a typical sort of prime rib New Englandy sort of place as I recall.

    2. Casa DeLuca is right on the corner of Rantoul, less than a block from the train station. Great Southern Italian food.

      1. the beverly depot station is within walking distance to just about everything in town. Tryst is very nice, and the food is good. Lovely, intimate dining room. Never been to cielito lindo. I have been curious about soma, but never been, personally. It might have the right atmosphere, but not sure about the food.

        1. Casa DeLucca is good - a homey little Italian place. Service can be verrry leisurely. It's somewhat "hole-in-the-wall," not a place I'd personally choose for a dinner out, more like a lunch place or a family dinner. But the ravioli IS amazing.

          I had drinks/apps at Mandrake (on Cabot) a couple weeks ago - the mac and cheese is to die for. Much more of a trendy place, loved the decor and feel. Would definitely be a place to linger; but not sure of noise levels at nighttime.

          I haven't tried Tryst, Cielto Lindo, or Kame yet (all on Cabot). Avoid Acapulco's (Cumming Center).