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Oct 5, 2007 07:24 PM

What's the best pizza in Napa?

OK. We just bought a place in Yountville and we're looking for some low key options in the neighborhood (our kitchen isn't usable until after the renovation). We've found the great burgers (Taylors, Andies Cafe and Babes) and know plenty of high end places, but looking for good carry out pizza.

We're not deep dish pizza fans, but like NY or Italian brick oven style. Some thoughts are Bistro Don Giovani, Tra Vigne and who knows. Any recs welcome.

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  1. Was just at Tra Vigne and thought it was really great. I'm an east coaster that now lives out in SoCal so my expectations for pizza are usually really low when I go out for it. But it was in a wood oven, thin and crispy. My salad was great and some of my neighbor dinners apps looked good as well. don Giovani was amazing for dinner! I didnt try the pizza but everything else was amazing!!

    1. The Pizzeria Tra Vigne is very good for carry out. I love going there and getting goat cheese and artichoke hearts on my pizza mmmmmmmmm. Do try the garlic rolls and also the Insalate di Pollo.
      Avoid La Prima Pizza!!!!!

      Pizzeria Tra Vigne
      1016 Main St, Saint Helena, CA 94574

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        I find the pizza (have tried 3 times) rather awful at Pizzeria Tra Vigne, but the piadini is terrific (pizza dough with a salad top). I don't find the pizza toppings to have much flavor. I can't recommend the resto Tra Vigne overall but the pizza there is goold -- much better than at its casual sister resto Pizzeria Tra Vigne. (However the garlic rolls swimming in butter and garlic at PTV are a pretty decadent carb feast.)

        Don Giovanni has pretty good pizza, also Pizza Azzuro. But all in all, not much good pizza here in Snappy Valley.

      2. Pizza Azzurro in Napa. Thin crust, small, about half a dozen choices. I love the verde (spicy spinach) or funghi pizzas.

        If you're passing through American Canyon, a slice of Parry's cheese pizza is hard to beat. As big as your head, and very East Coast style. Flavorful sauce, wholemilk mozzerella, blistered, slightly chewy crust.

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        1. re: Ruby Louise

          Huh. I've only eaten there once, but I found the pizza at Parry's to be pretty dreadful. The sauce had a metallic taste, with garlic being the only other note. The crust -- too soft and chewy to my liking -- wasn't at all blistered. Hard to blister a crust swimming under so much sauce.

          Pizza Azzurro is much better, but suffers in the other direction. Very thin crust.

          Uva Trattoria usually has a couple of nice pizzas on their daily menu.

          1. re: teleme

            teleme, I'm so sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Parry's. I haven't been in probably 2 months, so perhaps it's changed.

            1. re: Ruby Louise

              teleme, thanks for the heads up on Parry's. My husband & I were horribly disappointed with the slices we got there in December. It's definitely slipped from the heights of deliciousness it embraced when it opened.

              1. re: Ruby Louise

                I wanna' echo the experience. I happened into a Parry's slice (a combo) just yesterday. It seems to have been California-ized, for lack of a better term. It wasn't wretched by any means (they still loaded it up with lots of toppings), but its pretty much like any slice you can find at a slightly-better-than-average pizza joint.

        2. We moved to St. Helena over 2 years ago, and I can honestly say that Tra Vigne has the best pizza. I want to love Pizza Azzuro more, but I find their pizza inconsistant, which is unfortunate. We do go to Azzuro more than Tra Vigne, but that's only because we moved from Saint Helena to Napa recently.

          In regards to great burgers in the area... the best burgers are at Market and Martini House. Go to Market on Tuesday night (no corkage) with your favorite bottle of burger worthy wine. You'll never go to another place for a burger again :)

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          1. re: VTtoMAtoCAfoodie

            I think the best burgers are at Martini House, Press and Hydro Bar (a total surprise). I've been on a dedicated hunt. I also like the ones at Rutherford Grill and the 10 oz sirloin burgers at Flatiron. I put Market as having the best fries, but 4th, 5th or 6th for burgers. IMHO. Haven't had the burger at Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen but I've heard it's good also. Rutherford Grill always offers free corkage, and many restos have weekly local corkage nights. And asking nicely sometimes gets corkage waived, especially if you're local and regulars.

          2. I personally really like Fazerati's or New York Pizza Kitchen.