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Oct 5, 2007 06:50 PM

Famous Deninos of S.I. Stealths into Aberdeen, NJ

it seems to have happened silently, but, two months ago, famous deninos of staten island (si) opened an outpost in the same strip mall as stratemore bowling lanes (to stratmore's right), on route 34 in aberdeen, nj.

although si is culturally diverse-ish (of course, not really compared to queens, ny), culinarily, it is the "little italy" for which persons pine, as opposed to the tourist trap in manhattan.

from the pizza perspective, deninos is a perennial contender for best si pizza. it is a thin, crispy crust pizza, but not cracker crust. one of the amazing things about this pie is that deninos brings it just to the beginning of char without creating a cracker crust (a lot of persons hearing a description like this say "oh nOOOOO, char", but deninos seems to know to fork its tongue at the pizza oven, delivering a savory pie with amazing consistency for taking a pie so close to the edge). at least one sausage pie seems to appear on almost every table, mine included. the sausage is ground, but it clings in clusters. the average slice only has 2 clusters, some may have one cluster more or less. rule of thumb is you'll probably eat twice the amount you normally eat. with a little dicipline, a large pie is doable !!!

¿ so, how's the nj pie measure up ?

so no one gets the wrong message from what follows, let me be clear: the aberdeen pie is an top-tier pie, surely to become part of deninos aberdeen vs. vic's vs pete and elda's vs. tony's baltimore grill type of debates.

that being said, i preferred the si version. the aberdeen pie seemed less aggressively cooked, and yet, the crust had become cracker (bottom was thin crispy but not cracker). another difference was the sausage was more finely ground and more evenly dispersed.i've come to appreciate the randomness of the big clusters. to use a mad tv phrase, deninos of si "takes it to an hnl" (hole nuther level). then again, i don't doubt that these variances might be preferred by some or even many. anyway, if you haven't been to a deninos, delicious pies await you there.

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  1. piney, thanks for this tip. We will definitely give nj Deninos a try.

    1. I've been hearing great things about this place. As a matter of fact a waitress in a local diner was talking about it yesterday, and today a girl I work with mentioned it. Definately a must try for me.

      1. Thanks, piney, for alerting us. As a fan of Pete & Elda's, I will most definitely check out Denino's to see how the pizza compares. I hope it's as good as you say it is because, while we've never minded the drive down 18 to Neptune, Matawan is only 10 minutes from our house.

        Btw, is it all about the pizza at Denino's? Or are there other good things to be had there?

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          deninos si is a tavern pizzeria. other than pizza, the only food i've had is the fried calamari and meatball (no calamari marinara option). the meatball was undistinguished - never ordered again. the fried calamari is consistently non-rubbery but fairly generic otherwise. mini-dish of marinara that comes with it doesn't really do much for it. i eat some with lemon and some straight up.

          deninos aberdeen doesn't have a tavern. the menu also has wraps and a few entrees. i've only had the pizza there, so i can't say anything useful about these items.

          one comment i could add about deninos pizza is that its not a good refridgerator cold or room temp pizza. it does have legs: you can freeze it and revive it close to its just-out-of-oven state.

          1. re: piney

            Thanks, piney. Pizza it will be!

        2. OMG, is this the same Denino's that was off Forest Ave. in S.I.??? I went there after my high school graduation (and many times afterward) because the drinking age in S.I. back then was 18. There was an old gent named Ernie who was a fixture at the bar...on the rare occasion that he vacated his bar stool to use the rest room, everyone would start cheering. There was a tavern and a pool table in front and a restaurant in this the same place?

          1. Last week when we moved here, I was looking for a pizza place for our friends (moving helpers). I was in the Shop & Stop to get some things and asked the cashier to recommend a pizza place. She told me of Denino's in the plaza next door. So that's where we went.

            I ordered a large half plain, half sausage. My fiance and friends said the pizza was outstanding; a great choice! I cannot have pizza due to lactose issues (trust me, even Lact-aid doesn't help), but I'd like to try them for their pasta dishes and whatnot.

            So yeah, many thumbs up from our camp on Denino's.

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            1. re: DJMarilyn

              Wow! This is right next to me, and I never knew.

              Contact info?