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Oct 5, 2007 06:09 PM

'04 Priorats

Who has tasted from this vintage and recommends? They're about the same price, just can't decide.

Granted, these are priorats, but I tend to prefer the more restrained styles and well lay these down for a while.

Clos Martinet

Clos Figueres

Celler del Pont Lo Givot

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  1. vinosnob,

    I have not had any of those wines. I am sorry. I have had the 100 pot. Clos Erasmus and though it way out of balance. So, that is something to consider about the new Spanish reviewer for RP.

    That said, it is not on your list, but I really think that if you prefer the more restrained style, you should check out Finca Dofi. Of cousre, you have already. But still, that would be my first reccomendation.

    My second, look into Rotllan Torra Tirant. the 2001 I have had 4 times already and it is SOOOO killer, and, frankly, SO well priced fpr its quality, even compared to other Priorats. The name scares people off, but it is unusually high quality stuff. Almost like Spanish Harlan (no pun intended).

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      Thanks Whiner. I'll definitely look for the Rotllan.

      I'm buying from a friend and he only has the three above so I probably stick with the Martinet since I've like those in the past.

    2. I remember opening a 1992 Clos Martinet just last year. it was purchased during our trip in the Catalan during the mid-90s. As I recall, the wine was obviously past its peak and probably should have been drunk at least 5 years ago, but still managed to show some firm ripe fruit with a very slight acidity and fully integrated, alomost non-existent, tannin.

      I like the Rotaln wines, too, and at the lower price point, the 2004 Alvaro Palacios Les Terrasses.

      1. Lo Givot - tasted at Eric Solomon event. Was very complex and interesting. A bit pricey but not compared to Erasmus...