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900 Degrees in Manch.or other good pizza?

Anyone heard of this pizza place in the Millyard in Manchester, NH? I just saw an ad that they were hiring, so I'm not sure if they're new or not. Any suggestions for GREAT pizza in Manchester? Aside from Bertuccis, I feel it is limited...

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  1. I think I saw that place, but I haven't gone there.

    But as far as great pizza in Manchester goes, I was chatting with one of the cooks at C.R. Sparks, and he told me that the best kept secret in Manchester is the pizza at the Gala Cafe on Elm street. You know, that little green coffee and bagel shop next to the CVS? Apparently the chef there is from Boston. I didn't even know they served pizza there! But driving by the other day I saw their sign says they do. I haven't tried it yet, but they make great croissants, so I'll definitely try the pizza soon.

    1. 900 Degrees is new and I haven't been there yet. I love the Alley cat though.

      1. I just called and talked to Priscilla Lane at 900 Degrees and found out they will open toward the end of October because of a few setbacks. The website is still under construction but she hopes it will be updated with pictures, hours and a menu soon.


        1. I have a job interview there tomorrow. It looks awesome inside, seems like its going to be a nice place, kind of hard to find though, you cant actually get there from dow st.

          1. I've tried a lot of pizza in Manch and I still love Pizza Express on Valley and Maple. Their toppings are fresh, love their crust (nice flavor), sauce is perfect. I actually hate Alley Cat but pizza is one of those things, it's why there are so many in a town - everyone has their thing about what they like. Pizza Express has the best subs too - I just love the crispness of their vegies, freshness of their deli meats, their roll ups are awesome - I keep trying others but go back to them.

            1. Stopped by 900 degrees today hoping they were open for lunch. They are still in the process of hiring and training staff. Today they were sampling martini's and getting the wood oven ready. They are not quite yet ready to open this weekend. We spoke with one of the staff who let us take a look around...the place is really nice! Great bar area...granite bar. Drinks looked delicious. Neopolitan style pizza on the menu, with other wood fired specialties. A little hard to find the place. It is located off Dow st/Elm st, but you can't enter the parking lot there. You have to enter the parking lot off of Canal st, I think it is. They are having a soft opening on Wed, not a grand opening. We're going to try it out and keep you all posted. The only thing I would see as a negative right now...There are few tables, so if it gets really busy...there may be a wait.

              1. Here's another hidden gem in Manchester for pizza, Italian or Lebanese fare: Benvenuto's located just down from the Palace theater,
                serves delicious Italian food such as pizza, shrimp scampi,
                and veal parmigiana and Lebanese items such as falafel,
                shish kebob, hummus, tabbouleh, kibbeh, and grape leaves.
                Benvenuto's is the only Lebanese restaurant in downtown Manchester. I really enjoy their pizza.

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                  I love the Lebanese food at Benvenuto's

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                    How are their falafels? I fell in love with the falafel sandwich in Paris this spring and haven't been able to find one like it since. I would love to find a great one without having to fly to Paris. :-) Although I don't mind going to paris again.

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                      I have tried most of the Lebanese dishes and they are excellent. The falafel is homemade- not frozen like at so mnay pizza places. The baba ghanoush is made daily and they make this fattoush salad- typically it is served chopped- but they cut the lettuce, etc a little different- it is excellent. This plac eis a gem in Manch, I hope they do well

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                        Kewl!! Thanks, always looking for something new and different.

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                          Finally made it to Benvenuto's (with a fellow chowhound buddy) and although I was looking for the traditional falafel pocket (and this was a roll up) it was great - lots of great tahini and crunch from the vegies. Still not the same as sitting on a side street in Le Marais in Paris but it will have to do for now. I would certainly try them again, I love stuffed grape leaves, so that will be my next try.

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                      Tried to go last night, but they were on a 1 1/2 hour wait at 8pm. I guess that's a good sign. Personally, I don't want to wait that long to have pizza, or any meal for that matter. They did say they do call ahead. Will go that route next time we go.

                    3. I went there last night and it is fantastic... I just moved to Manchester and I have ordered pizza all of once because I'm not a big fan of chain pizza... this is my new favorite pizza!

                      1. Reviewed in today's Union Leader--2.5 *

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                          I don't know how people rate restaraunts, but I just got back from there, and it's a beautifully decorated place with pizza that's better than bertucci's. When I first saw the place I thought it couldn't be in a worse location, but on a Wedneday night the place was packed, and the waitress said she didn't know when it wasn't packed. But the moment I walked in and saw how nice and fancy the place was, and how packed it was, I realised their location, much like Fratello's didn't matter so much. If the place is nice, people will come.

                          I had the Red Pepper Pesto pizza. That has chicken and a brown sauce with tastes vaguely of spicy sausage. Absolutely delciious. I also had an apple margarita, which was meh... But some guy, maybe one of the owners suggested the Bella margarita, (or perhaps it was a martini) so I had that and it was excellent. So overall it was a great night out. I'll definitely be back.

                        2. Hands down, the best pizza in Manchester is Luisa's. There are two locations but my favorite is the North End location right next to Bonneville in a little plaza with KFC and D'Angelo's. The pasta sauce is awesome as well. Calzones are unmatched. Call in, though, because on Friday's you can't get in and parking is tough. 1/2 hour for pickup on Friday's. You gotta wait for the best!! Eating it there though is the best.

                          1. I'm a big Alley Cat fan. Don't care for Luisa's too much. Sometimes I get takeout from Bernie and Bill's at the end of my street. They have two types of tomato sauce -- mild and spicy. Love the spicy sauce.

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                                It's a little takeout place on Front Street, right past the blinking light.

                            1. i LOVE this place! i went with a few friends on friday afternoon for lunch. The pies are some of the best ive ever had! i eat a lot of pizzas too. for the quality of the pizza and the quality of the toppings they could be charging a lot more per pie. i mean seriously, $14.50 for a loaded pie is immensly cheap! the service is quick, quality, and competent!

                              i give a 10/10!

                              as for the best delivery style pies i love Beauty's on Webster st. absolutely great pizza. i usually get a pepperoni and red pepper pie. luisa's has good 'zones though.

                              1. My fiance and I went here for dinner Friday night. It was very good. Although they were out of the Groth Cabernet, I was still happy with my second choice (Martue). The service was great and the Chef/owner even came over to see how my steak was (I got the rib-eye special). My fiance loved her pizza (1/2 tuscan, 1/2 margherita). We arrived early hoping to beat the rush, but we still had a 45 minute wait. Well worth it. We'll be back.

                                1. I've been here a number of times now, each time trying a pizza with one half one set of toppings, and one half another, and though I still love the place, I've had more than a few issues trying to find that perfect pizza.

                                  One issue is that I'm not a big fan of the red sauce. I'm not sure what exactly it is about it I don't like. Maybe it is not sweet enough, or maybe it is the type of tomatoes they use to make it. I haven't a clue really.

                                  Another issue is that the pizzas are so thin that if the sauce and toppings aren't fairly dry then the middle becomes soggy.

                                  The red pepper pesto is a dry sauce, so the middle doesn't become soggy with that, but the problem with that is that it's too dry. I tried adding peppers as a topping to compensate for that, but it ended up dumping too much water into the pizza and it was even soggier before I was halfway through than the red sauce.

                                  Since then, I've talked to a chef at C.R. Sparks and he suggested that I put spinach on the red pepper pesto. That would probably work well since it has a lot less water than peppers do. He also told me that you should cook your veggies BEFORE you put them on the pizza. I would agree with this. Maybe they do this at 900 degrees, but the soggy pizza tells a different tale.

                                  I also told this same chef about a white sauce pizza with chicken I had, which needed something more. A bartender had suggested gorogonzola which was nice, but there was too much and it was overpowering, and by itself it couldn't fix the pizza anyway. But the chef suggested broccoli and bacon.

                                  I don't know if 900 degrees offers these ingredients and I've had nothing but bad experiences with bacon on pizzas, but I'll definitely try the spinach and broccoli on those pizzas if they offer them.

                                  Anyway, I still would reccomend this place even with the soggy crust issue. The BBQ pizza is great. Only BBQ pizza I've ever liked. (Though the pinapple I had added wasn't ripe enough.) The crust is amazing. The bread is great.

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                                    Pineapple on pizza? Is that a New Hampshire thing?

                                    1. re: whs

                                      You're a Chowhounder and you've never heard of Hawaiian pizza?! :-)

                                      Hawaiian pizza is technically pinapple and ham with a tomato base, but I figured pinapple and chicken would work well with the barbecue sauce since both are used in barbecue, and it tasted better than regular hawaiian pizza in my opinion.

                                      But anyway, pinapple, on Hawaiian pizza, is hugely popular. Wikipedia says it's more popular on the west coast than the east, but you can get it at any pizza place around here, just by asking for a hawaiian. (Oddly enough, Hawaiian pizza is not popular in hawaii, nor was it invented there.)

                                      Perhaps next time I will have them add some ham to that bbq pizza as well. Or maybe get bbq chicken. They offer both regular and bbq chicken on the menu for toppings so maybe the bbq chicken is marinated or something to give it more flavor.

                                  2. I was here recently once again, and found out that they'll soon be adding a real white sauce, rather than the garlic bread like white "sauce" they have now, as well as soups, one of which will have little pasta balls in it. I'm glad they'll be adding more variety to the menu, cause mixing things up is what keeps me going back to a place.

                                    I've stopped going to Cotton several times a week cause they've never changed the menu and there's no way to predict if the two or three specials they'll have will be something I feel like eating. And I've effectively stopped going for lunch there period, cause the only things they ever had which I liked for lunch were the fish and a turkey rollup. They do also have a lunch special which is a fish chowder which is amazing but there's no way to know when they'll have it, and I can't stand the idea of having plain old fish and chips there again for the 30th time.

                                    1. Take this for what you will, but I didn't like the interior...it seemed cheap, and the "host" was dressed like he had just come in off the street. We also didn't like that they didn't offer any "small" pizzas and found it to be rather pricey. I can't speak for the pizza itself, but I didn't have a great impression there. I do go to Bertucci's a lot, and Alley Cat does seem pretty good, but it seems like the pizza offerings in Manchester that are quality are bad.

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                                        It isn't anything fancy but I love Pizza Express - they do a very nice job with very fresh ingredients, love the crust too. You should give them a try observor! they are on maple and valley.

                                      2. I tried the Gala Cafe pizza and found it rather insubstantial for the cost.

                                        1. I had Grand Slam Pizza today. The cheese was ample enough, but congealed in a solid mass pretty rapidly. The sauce was rather sweet, which I don't really like, but I guess people do. The crust was a bit stale-tasting. Still, for four dollars plus tax for a small cheese pizza on Tuesdays and 6 dollars plus tax for a large cheese on Sundays, it's definitely alright.

                                          1. I really love Bertucci's. It's a chain, but their pizza is delicious.
                                            I also like Pizza Man a lot in Hooksett. They deliver to my house; few will.
                                            It's always hot when it arrives; the ingredients are all fresh; nothing frozen or canned; the crust is crispy and the sauce is Italian. Everything I like about eating pizza in the first place. The cheese is never greasy; which is hard to get these days.

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                                              I tried Pizza Man in Merrimack, and it was quite big (18" @15 dollars with coupon), but the "extra" cheese didn't really seem that "extra". It wasn't terrible, but it definitely needed a lot more flavoring, ie. garlic, spices, etc.

                                              I used to really like Bertucci's, but recently had a pizza there that was terrible...totally corporate, thin, and not interesting. I recently read that bertucci's is selling one of its restaurant divisions so it can concentrate more on the Italian restaurants, so apparently quality had been going down.

                                            2. Had Caesario's and Checkmate Pizza today. Caesario's is a lot like Papa Gino's, except the sauce is sweeter...almost too sweet for my taste. The crust is nice and crispy, though definitely needs some salt. Checkmate Pizza had a lot of cheese, but I found it to be somewhat tasteless. I think it needed salt also, and maybe something else. Plenty of cheese, though, though it kind of congeals.

                                              1. Tried Amato's: Definitely a good garlicky taste, with a decent amount of cheese and sauce. Still, highly disproportional to the amount of crust, which was more breadlike than a crust. I liked the taste, but the large amount of bread makes me not want to try it again.

                                                1. Finally got to Pizza Express: Definitely tasty, but not for anyone who is the slightest bit concerned about their wellbeing. Tons of gooey cheese, which didn't coagulate in a minute, sauce rather sweet and a bit scant for my liking, and a crust that was rich, more like a deep dish-type crust. Definitely flavorful, but I might think the small pizza had around 2000 calories in it, so that is somewhat offputting in its excessiveness. Perhaps good for a rare visit. I know pizza isn't health food, but this was a little too much. Still, tasty.

                                                  1. Pizza Bella, in Bedford: pretty much a basic pizza, enough cheese, sauce a little sweet (maybe canned) though I had a hit of oregano, crust needs salt and a tiny bit stale, soft, not crunchy. The pizza pretty much not much to talk about, very, very basic.

                                                    1. So far, Alley Cat and Pizza Express (health aspects notwithstanding) are the best I've had, though Gala might be pretty good if it was a fresh pie...

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                                                        what do you mean "if it was a fresh pie"?

                                                        1. re: edinaeats

                                                          As in, freshly made. They have pies available to heat up a slice, which is what I had, but I think it might taste better if it had been fresh made. It was OK, but it was rather insubstantial for the cost...though it might be better if I had had it right out of the oven.

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                                                          Wow, you are working your way through the Pizza in Manch. That's funny because I really don't like Alley at all but love Pizza Express.

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                                                            I think Alley is pretty OK for NY style, though I have to admit I did have one that wasn't so good from there, but I think it was just an off one. I think Pizza Express is pretty good, but I think the calories and possibly trans fats in it are incredibly heavy...I think if you had it too often it could kill you, but as a real treat it is good.

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                                                              Have you tried other things at Pizza Express? Their grilled chix salad is phenominal (as I am trying to watch my calories) and their steak tip salad - both tender, not over cooked adn the salad ingred sooooooo fresh and crisp.