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Oct 5, 2007 05:44 PM

900 Degrees in Manch.or other good pizza?

Anyone heard of this pizza place in the Millyard in Manchester, NH? I just saw an ad that they were hiring, so I'm not sure if they're new or not. Any suggestions for GREAT pizza in Manchester? Aside from Bertuccis, I feel it is limited...

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  1. I think I saw that place, but I haven't gone there.

    But as far as great pizza in Manchester goes, I was chatting with one of the cooks at C.R. Sparks, and he told me that the best kept secret in Manchester is the pizza at the Gala Cafe on Elm street. You know, that little green coffee and bagel shop next to the CVS? Apparently the chef there is from Boston. I didn't even know they served pizza there! But driving by the other day I saw their sign says they do. I haven't tried it yet, but they make great croissants, so I'll definitely try the pizza soon.

    1. 900 Degrees is new and I haven't been there yet. I love the Alley cat though.

      1. I just called and talked to Priscilla Lane at 900 Degrees and found out they will open toward the end of October because of a few setbacks. The website is still under construction but she hopes it will be updated with pictures, hours and a menu soon.

        1. I have a job interview there tomorrow. It looks awesome inside, seems like its going to be a nice place, kind of hard to find though, you cant actually get there from dow st.

          1. I've tried a lot of pizza in Manch and I still love Pizza Express on Valley and Maple. Their toppings are fresh, love their crust (nice flavor), sauce is perfect. I actually hate Alley Cat but pizza is one of those things, it's why there are so many in a town - everyone has their thing about what they like. Pizza Express has the best subs too - I just love the crispness of their vegies, freshness of their deli meats, their roll ups are awesome - I keep trying others but go back to them.