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Fish & Farm

Anyone try this new place? The menu look great and their website states-
"Our produce is local and organic or pesticide-free
We strive to serve only sustainably-sourced meat and seafood from small, eco-friendly fisheries"

"100 Miles: Dishes in which all ingredients are sourced within 100 miles
of Fish & Farm"


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  1. fish and farm is not open yet. i think they are shooting for the week after next, as they are having test dinners next week.

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      Am I reading the map correctly -- they're smack dab in the middle of the Tenderloin?

      Menu looks good but not particularly innovative. I like that the corkage policy is clearly spelled out (and reasonable).

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I think I like that they are not innovative but another option besides hayes street grill amoung the few others that does simple good seafood and the sustainable part is a plus.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Note: I have a business relationship with Fish & Farm

          I went last night for a test dinner and thought the food was really good. they have created a "neighborhood" feel in an area that really doesn't have much of that, which is nice.

          Ruth, the area is not really smack in the tenderloin-for what it's worth, I felt fine/safe walking from the parking structure (Cal parking, 1/2 block away but i'm sure there are less expensive options) to the restaurant.

          They plan to open today

          the grilled squid, venison spare ribs and sablefish were my faves, but all dishes worked in my opinion. sadly, we didn't get to try the sat cod fritters, which the staff already seems to love.

          You are correct they have quite a deal on corkage for this type of restaurant - $5 for cali wines, $10 all others

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            What I can see that really being good for is visitors who bought wine in the wine country and want to drink it. If the food turns out to be decent, that will be something in mind to recommend.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Yes, and it encourages wine collectors to be regulars. Also the Napa Valley Wine Exchange is just up the street a block where it's easy to pick up a nice bottle.

              Napa Valley Winery Exchange
              415 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA

            2. re: Ruth Lafler

              The address looked familiar to me. Checked it and sure enough, it's where Sultan used to be in the Hotel Mark Twain across the street from the Hilton Hotel. So yes, it is the Tenderloin but on the side toward the Union Square hotels. Interesting that Original Joe's Duggan family are partners in the venture.

              Fish and Farm
              339 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

          2. On a different note, we're having a celebratory dinner and are trying to choose between Scott Howard's or Fish & Farm.

            I know they're very different, but can anyone tell me from experience which was the more memorable meal?


            1. I am headed to Fish & Farm on Saturday for a bday dinner, so I'll be sure to report back...it sounds like it's right up my alley!

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                looks as if there will be another report! We'll be there next weds (halloween) to celebrate our anniversary.

                We decided against Scott Howard, small plates are well, just... you know exactly what I'm trying to say!

                1. re: Vivienne T

                  well, I for one didn't know what you were trying to say. Sott Howard wasn't small plates when I ate there last in January. So, I looked at the menu on the website currently, and while I am not sure I would call it small plates exactly (they don't) it is close . I am interested in going back to try their pre-fixe, any three dishes for $32 early or late.


                  As for Fish and Farm: I love the concept, and look forward very much to reports on the food, hope to check it out soon myself. I have to say though, the actual menu on the website however, isn't quite as appealing to me personally. The listed appetizers all seem rather heavy and relatively pricey (ie seafood chowder is ten dollars, the only salad has fried oysters and roast pumpkin and is ten dollars), compared to the reasonably priced mains: not sure for example that I would want both the seafood chowder and fish and chips. Dessert doesn't get much mention, though, so I wonder if it is worth saving room for?

                  . So, I am hoping to hear that there are a few lighter and perhaps less expensive app selections than those listed....or perhaps the solution is to have a main and a side...and hope to hear reports back soon!

                  1. re: susancinsf

                    I see your point from the perspective of the online menu.

                    However, when I checked the recent chow reviews, all of them seemed to note that Scott Howard had become rather small plates focused.

                    I might have to try their prix fixe as well, as it seems a bit of a bargain!

                    As for Fish and Farm, I'm really excited about going there, the whole locally sourced thing seems rather fun! The cost-benefit is something to be considered. But $10 for seafood chowder isn't really all that bad, if (and ONLY if) it's fresh, chock full of seafood and cream based. Those really are expensive ingredients and should command somewhat more of a premium price.

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                      I dined at Fish & Farm on Sunday evening and agree with what Susan said here...the menu was pretty heavy and there wasn't much that jumped out at me as 'must order' That being said, the venison spare ribs were excellent, as was my lamb shoulder. All in all, I probably won't return unless the menu changes.

                2. went for dinner last night for 4. foodwise was fine (ribeye, sablefish, salmon, venison ribs, salt cod fritters, bread pudding and pear crisp were all good to very good; filet mignon was reported as undercooked and lacking flavor), service was pretty rough. they comped us quite a bit, but they need a lot more experience before i'd plan another dinner there. it'll get better, for sure, but in time.

                  1. Four of us ate there last night. We had:
                    - fried oyster and pumpkin salad
                    - market salad (beets, endive, jack cheese, almonds)
                    - grilled calamari with butter beans and harissa
                    - house-made pappardelle with mushrooms
                    - grilled salmon with potato gnocchi, pancetta, and kabocha squash

                    Everything I had was delicious -- most plates were completely empty when cleared. The squid reminded me of a Moroccan version of Delfina's calamari salad, one of my favorite dishes in town. The salmon was excellent, and its accompaniments were well-conceived. My parents enjoyed their wine, and the service was good. We wanted more vegetables, so the kitchen made us a side dish of greens that wasn't on the menu, which we appreciated. They have an amazing corkage policy -- just $5 if you bring a California bottle of wine; $10 if it's from outside California.

                    One of the owners came by and spoke with us, and they seemed very happy to have us there.

                    I think the main downside to Fish and Farm is the location -- we parked on Jones Street and walked down O'Farrell -- areas that are a living example of the city's failure to deal with the homeless. It was a depressing way to begin the meal for my 60-something parents.

                    1. Fish & Farm sounds interesting. Any other reports?

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                        My friend and I went to Fish and Farm on last week. When we arrived the place was packed and our table was not yet ready. We are seated at the bar for about 15 minutes, then we were seated at the restaurant. The restaurant was romantic/cute with candle lit tables but a little on the noisy side. The service at the restaurant was prompt and pleasant. The waitress seemed to know the menu and food well, so that was a plus. Unfortunately, the food didn’t live up to the service. Below are my comments:

                        PAN COOKED LOCAL SEAFOOD CHOWDER with clams, calamari, oysters, smoked bacon and house made crackers - The flavors of the chowder was very good, but it was too salty to a point it wasn’t enjoyable. The crackers I was told were made fresh daily, but I found the oil used to be very heavy and the texture of the crackers to be on the stale side.

                        FISH & FARM PLATE with grilled squid legs, cured sardines, prosciuttos, duck confit rillettes - the little squid legs were tender and excellent. I loved the cured sardines. I didn’t find the prosciuttos or rillettes to be memorable.

                        GRILLED SALMON with sunchokes, rainbow chard, Tarragon vinaigrette - waitress told us that the salmon was going to be served rare. When it was served, I found the thick half to be well down, but thin part to be rare and tender. Salmon was not seasoned well and rather bland, but the chard served with it was very salty. Sunchokes were yummy.

                        RED WINE BRAISED LAMB SHOULDER with cranberry beans, pickled chantrelles and blood oranges - Lamb shoulder was rather dry for being braised. We found the combination of the meat and beans to be very heavy.

                        CHEF’S FARM PLATTER WITH HOUSE-PICKLED AND CURED VEGETABLES with Celery root salad, carrots pickles, cucumber pickles - cucumber and the celery root were very good. We thought the carrot pickles were too sour without having the sweetness or saltiness.

                        BRAISED GREENS - It’s been few days since I started writing this and I can’t remember what greens they were exactly, but this dish was so salty that we were not able to finish it.

                        We also had couple of mixed drinks at the bar before dinner and a glass of wine with dinner. The mix drinks were yummy.

                        Overall, I still loved the concept of the restaurant, but the food did not live up to the expectation. I can taste the fresh ingredients they use, but the too much salt on some of the food really bothered me and made the dining experience unpleasant. I probably won’t go back there again.

                      2. I went to Fish & Farm last weekend with my wife and some friends.

                        The ‘Farm’ Martini: Well-balanced and nice herbal flavor, with some "dirtiness" at the end.
                        Fish & Farm Julep: I'm not sure what the standard is for Juleps, but this was very good.

                        WINE: We brought two CA bottles with us. $5 corkage is very nice.

                        Marrow special: Served with some greens, and toasts for spreading. Very savory.
                        Fresh Monterey Squid: Good grilled flavor, nice texture, greens were well dressed.

                        Slow roasted salmon: Interesting, but the texture was a bit confusing. I'm not sure what "mit-cuit" is supposed to be. Perhaps someone can help me.
                        Fish & chips: Battered and fried delicately, with good cod flavor (cf. recent review by Michael Bauer). French Fries were very good. Homemade malt vinegar and tartar sauce had good flavor.

                        We ordered the carrot cake, cheese plate, pot de creme, and sorbet, although none was a standout.

                        I love the concept, and the food tasted exquisitely fresh and well-seasoned. I also appreciate the favorable corkage and excellent cocktails. I hope to go back at some point this Spring.

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                          "Mi-cuit" means half-cooked. The texture's kind of half-raw.

                          1. re: Robert Lauriston

                            It's the extra "t" that makes it tough.
                            Slow Roasted Salmon Mit-cuit sunchokes, rainbow chard, tarragon vinaigrette