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Oct 5, 2007 05:22 PM

Ugh! Can't get a good pizza in London, Ont

OK, we moved here from Vancouver 4 months ago and we are starving! Can't find a decent restaurant. I know we're spoiled as Vancouver has some of the best restaurants in the world. There are 4 outstanding pizza joints in Burnaby alone. We have tried just about every pizza place in North London and we're done with the pizza here! Pizza Pizza sucks and they can never find our house. Ceasar's is no good. Pizza Hut is only good if you eat in (and sometimes not even then). Frank & Gus is too greasy. Bertoldi's was awful and soggy. This evening we tried Capri Pizza. We have ordered it before and it was OK. The only reason we tried it again is because they dont have a problem finding our house. All the other pizza chains can never find our house. This evening's pizza from Capri had a crust that was so hard you could not even chew it. Plus Capri Pizza is SO expensive! I dont know how they stay in business when their pizza prices are almost double every other pizza place. A medium 3 topping is over $24! New Orleans is about $14 and their pizza is fairly good but they couldn't find our house the last two times. Rant over. PS. If you ever go to Vancouver, try the pizza at Me & Ed's or Bella.

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  1. I am sure you are familiar with Panago! They are in the north end and from BC. Everything about the West is better. ;)

    1. You mean to tell me you don't like little Caesars??? @ 25 Oxford W (LOL) I lived on that for 4 years when I was attending UWO

      1. I agree with you about the restaurants in London. However, London folks can get a little testy about our evaluation.
        I think it's about the opportunity to taste really good food which sets an expectation. I go to Toronto as often as I can manage, partly for the food.
        Hang fast. Don't lose your taste buds.

        1. What about Muldoon's Pizza? I think it's the best in london. But they don't deliver. Only take out and eat in.

          It's on Wonderland in a little stripmall. Not far north of Southdale.

          1. So, Pangolin's sister has lived in London for over 30 years, and has a a good palate, so I asked her. Below is her reply, edited to protect everyone concerned:

            "Personally, Frank and Gus is greasy but it's because everything is buried in a vat of cheese. In my world - good. Stobey's greasy and GOOD. Try Papa's - been around forever and good. It's [...] Melina's place. She makes it and it's all homemade. The crust is a focaccia type so traditional. They also do a good panzerotti. Tony's is also good - been around forever. I actually LOVE their pizza and panzerotti and they do a damn fine lunch special menu. Both Papa's and Tony's look like someone who paints houses is going to walk in and let loose with some automatic weaponry on you. I don't think either one has been redecorated since the day they opened their respective doors. La Fiamma is good period. It is a thin crust wood fire pizza that they do and it is awesome. And obviously this [Vancouverite] did not know about East Town Pizza. It was not my fave but they did win the North American pizza contest thingy more than once. They had a great Italian lunch buffet they ran on Fridays. I am not a big buffet person but it was damn fine eatin' with an excellent representation of different Italian food in addition to the pizza. The guy lost the whole show."

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              Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!