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Oct 5, 2007 04:43 PM

Live Maine Lobster $9.99 lb. Is that a good price?

My son took me to a Warehouse kind of store today just to show me all the live sea food and meats. The Maine Lobster was maybe 2 to 5 lbs in size. The claw feet on these big guys were as big as some of the claws on the live crabs in the other tanks. The Blue crabs were impressive also. I was thinking of maybe grilling some lobster this weekend but.... is this a deal?

We also noticed ox tails about 12" to 15" long for just under $5 lb. ???

Vien Dong -- Superfood Warehouse
2650 Rosemead Blvd. (Between 10 and 60 frys -- South of Garvey)
South El Monte, CA 91733
(626) 444-8351

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  1. Yes, it is a good price. The lowest I have seen In LA was $7.99 a Lb at 99 ranch but that was the time of the year they were cheap and plentiful. 99 Ranch's smallest lobster tends to be 4 lbs, so it is sometimes nice to get the smaller lobster.

    Thanks for the rec.

    take care

    - P.

    1. Yes, it's a good price. You can sometimes get them for less at 99 Ranch, but they rarely (I've never seen them) have 2lbers.

      Thanks for the heads up!

      1. Sounds Like a Good price for OX tails. Yum Slow Braised......

        1. Mmm.... lobster.

          Though they do stock expired sauces/canned food and mounds of moldy produce, I can't help but love Vien Dong. Surely the LIVE seafood is OK.

          I have no idea about prices... but consider the following:

          MPV has been offering whole lobster for $2.99 EACH (additional purchase required) for like 6 months now. Don't know if they were live or from Maine though.

          But you say you want to grill your own, so...

          California lobster (spiny, no claws) are in season (that's hunting season... license required). If you're going through all that work to grill 'em, you might as well catch 'em yourself. You can find them all along the coast from Baja Sur to Rincon and beyond. Though they hide out under rocks during the day, prime-time hunting is done at night. You'll need fins, mask, snorkel, bag and dive light. SCUBA and a small boat would be even better. Remember: always go with a buddy and a shore spotter.

          Another (though less adventurous) option is to buy them from the Mexican carts along the PCH. I've seen them near Geoffrey's and also up near Leo Carillo. These bugs go for $4-8 each and usually weigh in at 1-2.5 lbs. Some of them are illegally trapped and too small to be considered game. This, however, doesn't seem to deter the Palisades/Malibu-types, who can often be seen filling up their Range Rovers with them.

          Good luck.


          Many Chinese/Mexican restaurants only charge a $5 prep fee per sea creature. Though you say you're into grilling them yourself, I thought I'd mention it. We recently had a killer feast at Mao's House on Valley next to MPV. The cook prepared our 4 fresh-caught fish two different ways and served up our monster crab at the end... all done up with Hunan spices. Cantonese seafood houses generally won't accommodate such requests, but the Shanghai, Sichuan, and Hunan places (like Fortune Bistro) are all cool with it. Give it a try. Oh yeah: avoid the Hunan place in the San Gabriel Square (near Ay Chung). They don't know how to do seafood.


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          1. re: africanizedkiller

            $9.99 is a pretty good price for lobster. ALthough I have seen it lower when 99 Ranch has sales.

            1. re: africanizedkiller

              AK.. So how would one find one of these poacher carts on PCH. Do they have signage. or do I need to go " psst.. where are the lobbies?" or just drive up and down PCH.. sounds a little clandestine and makes it all the merrier for me..

              1. re: Foodandwine

                I just wrote "cart" 'cause I'm lazy, but actually from what I remember, one was a small table and the other was a car. The latter: dude came around holding up 2 giant bugs... led us back to his car where his lady was selling some to another party. This was near Topanga Canyon on the beach. Ran into the table setup about two years ago around this time near Leo Carillo. Two kids and their dad were running this one. I think they were set up along the side road (the one with lifeguard/lookout tower access) and not along the PCH itself.

                Oh yeah... just talked to my friend. He tells me that he remembers them being more like $10-20. I swear they were cheaper than that though, 'cause I remember joking about the ridiculous hassle of catching our own when we could have just bought them for the less than the price of an air refill.

              2. re: africanizedkiller

                Moldy produce??? I think this place has the freshest produce around. The veggies and fruits are fresher and yummier than Ralph's or Vons.

              3. I've marvelled, more than once, at these creatures; esp. the size of their claws. I like to watch Chinese moms and grandmothers wrestle them into their shopping carts. But I'm a little afraid to try them (mainly b/c of their freakish size and energy level). If you do dare, please report back.