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Oct 5, 2007 04:37 PM

Pastry Pride?

A friend has a recipe that requires pastry pride and she can't find it. Can anyone suggest an alternative that's easier to find? We'd be happy to try to make it ourselves if we had any idea what pastry pride was :)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Pastry Pride is a fake non-dairy cream used to make frostings and cream fillings. I've seen it at Smart 'n' Final (if there is one in your area). It's a frozen product.

    A quick Google yields this:

    1. It tastes like cool whip to me. You buy it in cartons and then whip it. As an alternative, you could probably use sweetened whipped cream (stabilized w/ gelatin if needed) and it would taste a lot better.

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        Not sure using cool whip, even stabilized w/gelatin would work the same way. The wonderful thing about pastry pride is that it's a non dairy product so it won't melt down like cool whip would. It doesn't sweat when it warms up either. I've used cool whip as a filling when needed but would never use it on the outside to decorate with. Sorry.... I used pastry pride for my cakes for nearly 20 years, until I moved to the UK where so far I haven't been able to find anything quite like it. Now I'm learning how to use rolled fondant to make gorgeous masterpiece cakes. Completely different.

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          It comes down to taste for me and Pastry Pride tastes artificial like Cool Whip, and both unlike home made frostings. I don't use either Cool Whip or Pastry Pride but have tried them. I love the look of fondant and marzipan frosting--very elegant. I love marzipan but could do w/out fondant, tastewise, though.

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            We just had a visit with a cousin who's been using Pastry Pride for quite some time & just delivered a wedding cake iced with it. She says she usually adds a little vanilla to it, but often uses almond extract or similar. She just raves over Pastry Pride. She brought out a bowl left over from the cake that we dipped strawberries and other fruit in. Can't wait to pick some up at Costco or Cash and Carry and give it a try.