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Oct 5, 2007 03:45 PM

good pastry and coffee in union square?

Help. I usually stay in Union Square when visiting and am desperate for decent to good pastry and coffee. Almost always by default I end up at Kuleto's which I find deplorable but I can think of no other location that is in a 2-4 block walking distance. Does anything exist? I am up against my travelling partner who loves Kuleto's and if I had somewhere better to kidnap her to and prove to her just how bad it is I would be eternally grateful. Help

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  1. My friend loves Cafe Madeleine on O'Farrell off of Grant Ave. I don't drink coffee so I can't say anything about the coffee they serve. But it's a cute French place in Union Square. Very limited counter seating by the window.

    1. Well, Emporio Rulli is right in Union Sq -- not sure about the coffee, but some of the pastries are good.

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        I've never tried the pastries at Emporio Rulli, but they serve really nice lattes, strong with a thick milk foam.

      2. There is a place on the corner of Sutter and Powell, can't think of the name offhand - it is just up from Saks. I haven't tried their coffees, but others seem to be enjoying them!

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          Pastries might be one thing, but there is absolutly zero decent coffee or espresso drinks anywhere downtown. I can't wait for the new BlueBottle opening in the Mint Center.