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Oct 5, 2007 03:18 PM

Price of Joe Dimaggios?

Could somebody give me the general price range for the dishes served at Joe Dimaggios in the Domain?


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  1. I picked up dinner to go from there tonight. Here's a general range of what I remember.

    Apps are $8-$12 range.
    Pizzas and salad were $10-15 <---not as sure on this section
    Steaks - from 32 for the 8oz filet to ~45 for the most expensive. They come with potatoes and veggies as a side. 12oz filet, 16oz NY Strip and 20oz Ribeye were all $39

    Other Entree - mostly in the 20's. I had the veal marsala that was $24.

    Desserts - Menu said they were all $7 but I was charged $9 for the tiramisu.

    Drinks - The cocktails were from 8-10. Lots of pricey wines by the glass.

    Happy Hour - from 3-6 with some $5 drink and apps specials.

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    1. When I went there, I had the braciole and my date had the pork chop, and I believe both those were about about $26.

      I do remember thinking the prices were about the same as at Sullivan's. I had been prepared for really ruinous prices, and was a little pleasantly surprised.