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Oct 5, 2007 02:52 PM

Pickled onions

I used to live in Baltimore Md many years ago moving to SC in 1976. I remember one thing that I have really missed from there and can not find them anywhere. That is the large jumbo pickled onions that could be found in convenience type stores sitting on the counters much like you could find the pickled eggs in the large jars. These aren't the cocktail onions. I am wondering if anyone knows if they are still around and the company that they could be bought from. I would appreciate the help. One more thing. Being from Baltimore, close to the downtown area many years ago where all the shops used to be there use to be a restaurant called Nemo's, just a small shop that made philly steak subs. They were the best ever and just wondered if anyone knew anything about it and if it still exists, prob. not since it has been so long ago, but they were the best. Just don't find that in the south, the food is so different. Good food here also but I sure miss some of the traditions that I grew up with. And the barbecue was so different, more spicey with a totally different taste. I have to make a trip back soon and hope the food has not changed. The pizzas were also much better, more italian or tomatoey. Just different and better. Thanks for any help. I really would appreciate it.

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  1. I am still looking for these as well! Have tried unsuccessfully for years to recreate them.

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      To kimeats. The pickled onions that you are looking for can be found there you go..

      1. re: meangene

        Thanks for this site. I just ordered some. I sure hope they are the same I had when as a child. They were sour and salty and large like vidalia onions. They were expensive. For a gallon $44 including shipping and handling. If they are what I am looking for,they will be so worth it. thanks so much.

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          Want to know if they were the right kind. I to am looking for these pickled onions. I live in Georgia.

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            Yes. The last time I had them was when I was a child. Ihave lived in SC since 1976 and have not been back to Maryland. I was 18 then. So they do seem to be the same as when I was a child to the best that I can remember. They are very good.

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            I've been looking for these as well. What was the web to order from?

      2. i did a google search (just a quick one, too) and found "giant pickled onions" at an "altman's deli" for $2.29.

        i'll bet if you googled you could find more offerings like it.

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          thanks but I no longer live in baltimore, i live hours away. was looking to make them at home.

          1. re: kimeats

            sorry i didn't read your post carefully.

            what exactly have you tried doing to pickle your own, and what specifically failed? i guess you are addressing this on the home cooking board.

            good luck!

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              I've tried all the methods outlined for smaller cocktail onions, usually the large onion doesn't stay crisp enough to snap off the outer layer as I remember. Or the brine doesn't effect the large onion the same way, not as flavorful.

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                hmmm, i wonder if different types of onions might yield different results (e.g., some with higher or lower sugar content).

                maybe you might find some new pointers here:

                here's one:
                ""Allow plenty of time! A crisp, crunchy pickled onion needs all liquid added to be cold. Spread the task over two or three days."""
                (hot brine will get you soft pickles, according to the site).


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            Attmans Deli...It's a cultural icon on Corned Beef Row. NOT Altman's :(

            Not meaning to be rude but I was a little sad when I saw it.

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              you were sad because i made a typo error? ;-).

          3. Most of the local supermarkets carry those big white pickled onions in the deli section..I have seen the big jars for sale at several Mars locations

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              thanks but i no longer live near balitmore or maryland. we cannot get those where i live.

            2. There's a British brand of pickled onions called Haywards. They're larger than cocktail onions but not as large as the Baltimore onions that you're referring to. They're an English pub food. I've seen them at Harris Teeter and Whole Foods.

              Boscoli also makes a creole pickled onion, but they're not as big.

              1. I grew up in Dundalk (southern border of Baltimore) and I also remember the large onion jars in the little drug store near where I lived. I loved them and have looked around quite a bit to find them. No luck. Also I didn't know Nemo's but there was a sub shop on Dundalk Blvd that made great sandwiches. I even worked there as a kid and remember people would come from miles away just for their sandwiches. Oh well, say la vee.

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                  Trying to reply on here not working

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                    Ok now working. Anyway I remember those days oh so well. The food was the best. But I bet it is just as commercialized as everywhere and the taste is not the same anymore. I am sure the taste is a bit diff though bet the south and north. I also remember the what is called shaved ice now use to be the chunky ice with flavoring all diff flavors people use to set up outside their homes and people used to buy. Could have marshmallow or chocolate added to the top. Anyway going to try some of these sites people mentioned for the onions. Thanks.