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Oct 5, 2007 01:19 PM

T.Spot Cafe... I could be lying

I think that this is the name of a new Hong Kong Style restaurant opening up near the northesast T&T, but like I said, I could be lyin. Has anyone been? or noticed if it actually has opened yet? I am pinning all of my suburban housewife hopes on a noodle soup fix closer to home.

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  1. One suburban housewife to another :-) If you mean the one off of Harvest Hills Blvd NE....last time I was by there and paying attention to it (2-3 days ago) it wasn't open yet...although the whole area is a hive of activity so it ought to be open soon...It seems to me like they've been working on it for a year now. I could be wrong but I thought the called it T. Pot??

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      ummm... T.pot makes more sense, insofar as any restaurant name with superfluous punctuation can! :) thanks for letting me know. will continue to hold breath in high hopes!

    2. This isn't open yet. They do have boxes full of tables and chairs in the space now so hopefully soon.

      I would recommend the Saigon Pearl in the same parking lot. (East side). My wife and I have eaten there a number of times and enjoy it a lot. Very tasty Vietnamese style soups and such.