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Oct 5, 2007 12:59 PM

Healdsburg area winery rec's [moved from Wine board]

Will be in Healdsburg at the end of the month. Will have only 1 whole day to visit the wineries in the area. I'm partial to red wines. If you only had 1 day in this area which wineries would you visit?

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  1. You didn't saw what kind or style of red wine, but here are notes from my recent trip, and a handy map with some wineries. The google map may be especially helpful to you since it has addresses and hours for the tasting rooms.

    In the healdsburg area, my favorites were frick, rafanelli and unti. Have a great trip!

    1. Hook and Ladder are super friendly..

      1. Take Dry Creek Road west out of Healdsburg. It is a beautiful valley full of smaller wineries, most either independent and/or family-owned. You will NOT see many tour buses out that way!

        Check out:

        1. I second taking the Dry Creek Road. In town, pop into the Toad Hollow tasting room. Also, if you're planning on a meal, I would recommend Willis Seafood. They have good oysters and a fantastic lime cocktail. I'm blanking on the name (most likely because I each time I'm there, I drink too many).

          Enjoy your visit.

          1. My newest favorite wine is Franciscan Oakville case you are familiar.....but I'm willing to try most anything. I find I'm partial to wines that aren't too sweet.

            I'm almost embarrassed to admit it but I'm not sure what you mean by style. This evening we're drinking a barbera. In the cabinet we have nebiolo, rosso di montalcino, cabernet, cab/syrah blend, and a pouilly fuisse (white, for my non red drinking friends but I like it too). We could also have chiant or merlot or most anything red at anytime.

            So I would like to sample some reds but I'm not against sampling other notable wines either.

            Thank you all for the winery rec's. There are allot of wineries in the area so it helps to have others narrow the choices down for me.

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              Dry Creek, Rafanelli, Preston & Pedroncelli are 4 of the oldest wineries out along Dry Creek Road. They all make a good zindandel.

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                Right near those is Bella, one of my favorites. Good zins and syrahs, and a delicious late harvest zin dessert wine. Very friendly service.

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                If you like those kinds of wines, you'll probably like Unti. You'll need an appointment, but it's easy to make one -- just give them a ring. It's run by an Italian-American Family and they follow a lot of the winemaking traditions of the old country. It's about 10-15 min outside of Healdsburg.