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Oct 5, 2007 12:32 PM

Info on the Amalfi Coast.

We are planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast and cannot decide between the Palazzo Sasso, La
Serineuse and The San Pietro. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Also, the off season is much less expensive. How is the weather in May or early October?

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    1. We visited Sorrento 3 years ago and are heading back this Fri 10/12. The weather in Oct. is magnificent. Cool mornings, warm afternoons and cool evenings.

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        september and october is usually beautiful throughout the coast. warm days, cool nights.
        the san pietro in positano is amazing but just up the hill from there is a little known 'restaurant and residence' or what is more commonly known to Americans as a bed & breakfast. it is called 'al barilotto del nonno' "my grandfather's barrell" and is the most charming place in the area. ran by an entire family that lives on the premises, if you are looking for an authentic italian experience with great food and at more reasonable prices than the san pietro, i would highly recommend here without a doubt.

        i've stayed at both places, and ever since 'nonno' i am quite content with going to the san pietro in early evening for drinks and the view and then strolling back up the hill towards the restaurant for a dinner where you can make your own personal changes to the menu.

        (you won't find their website on the internet b/c they dont have one, if you are interested further please inquire...)

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          Thank you for your many tips. We are leaving in a few weeks and are looking to eat and stay on the Amalfi Coast for a few days. Al Barilotto des nonno seems to be just the kind of place we love. If you could let me know some prices to see if its in my budget fist and also some links to get in touch with them.

          Thank you

          1. re: QcBoy

            the price is 120 euro per night for a regular room and breakfast in the morning. they have a full service restaurant open to the public, but dinner is not included in the price. however, we eat there most nights because it is so good.

            the rooms are very simple and show age, but are kept very clean. dont expect 5 star accomodations. there is no central air system, so the summers are hot and windows must be kept open, allowing bugs in at night. the best time to go is now, in the fall, when the weather is cool. they are closed for winter from jan or feb to april i believe.

            but the food and the people make up for the rooms. the family is so kind and helpful and make you feel right at home. you will basically be living like the locals do if you stay here. but again, if you are looking for an authentic experince then i highly recommend this.

            i have to go dig up their phone number for you, they have no other means of contact, as they are not technologically savvy. i posted pictures of the room and dining area below (hopefully they work?) to give you a better idea. anything else feel free to ask.

            1. re: gozomo333

              al barilotto del nonno
              positano, italy
              01139 (089) 875618
              ask for gianni.

        2. re: Doreen

          How long are you staying in Positano? October will be lovely, that's when I always go. If you are there at least a week consider renting a villa. has some gorgeous ones and that way you can experience grocery shopping and cooking with the local foods! I always get up early, go to the fish markets for today's fresh catch, stop by Melinda Fruit for their first delivery of the day, then pick up some bread, fresh mozzarella and whatever else looks good. You get to know the local people and bask in the real sense of the place rather than just feel like a tourist, We knew we had "arrived" when after our 3rd year vacationing in Positano our grocer Ernesto told us we had a line of credit there! The Positanese are very (and rightly so) proud of their city and they really appreciate it when tourists take the time to get to know Positano, rather than just walk around the beach and the main square, then leave.

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            Do you realize you are responding to a 2 year old post?

        3. I don't like staying in Positano - too much of a zoo. Praiano 1 town down the road is a lot more relaxing. I like the Tramonto d'Oro there - ask for their best room. Views back of Positano are spectacular. It's a 4 star though, not 5.

          Le Sirenuse is above town, not right on the coast. San Pietro is south of town, so if you do want 5 star, this is on the water. Palazzo Sasso in Ravello is spectacular - I just feel a little isolated in Ravello if wanting to do sightseeing. Although, if just hanging out & relaxing, Ravello would be my choice.

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            Somehow lost the food info when I edited...

            One drawback of Ravello is dining is rather limited and its a long way anywhere else on a very treacherous road. Wait til you get back to your hotel to drink your limoncello! Staying on the coast offers many more food options. I have heard raves about Mama Agate's Ravello cooking class, but haven't taken it myself.

          2. We were in Positano last year for our anniversary and I honestly would not stay there again. We stayed at the Marincanto which is literally next door to the Sirenuse. The hotel was fine (albeit overpriced but that is true for all of Positano) but Positano in and of itself is overrun by Americans. Next time we will be staying in Sorrento which has a more lively atmosphere at night, but offers the same access to various villages and historical sites. It you are moving around by public transport, Sorrento is probably the way to go so as to avoid the local buses.

            1. I've been to Sorrento in early May, and the weather was good overall, but there were a few showers. Very comfortable temperatures. I would recommend staying in Sorrento because it has some very good restaurants you can walk to, and from here you can drive the Amafi coast and have lunch in Positano, visit Pompeii and Herculaneum, and take a ferry to Capri.