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Oct 5, 2007 12:27 PM

Help! Drinks near Brooklyn Bridge Marriott?

Short and sweet: Out-of-the-blue friends arriving at 7pm (3.5 hours). Where's a good place to grab a drink near where they're staying (the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott)? I was thinking about the River Cafe, but maybe that's too far/too crowded/not as good as X, Y or Z?


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  1. you can conceivably walk to atlantic...there you have brazen head which is a decent scotch and beer bar, pete's ale house which is an amazing scotch and beer bar, or there's last exit across the street.

    if you care to go towards dumbo, i like drinking outside at five front in the back garden...or superfine which rules for drinks.

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    1. If you're considering River Cafe be aware that they require jackets in the main room. There's a lounge area off to the left but it's not nearly as nice.

      1. The place right in the hotel (Archives?) isn't bad.