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Oct 5, 2007 12:25 PM

Berkeley Springs, WV? [Moved from DC/Baltimore Area board]

Anyone been? My husband and I will be going in a few weeks for our anniversary, and were wondering if anyone had recommendations for a good place to go for dinner. No special requests other than good food.


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  1. There was a place mentioned in the driving back from pittsburgh thread. I have eaten at a lot of places there, and just can't recall the names. There is one cool place with a big wooden bar, that had pretty good food as I recall.

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      Thanks! I had no idea Berkeley Springs was anywhere near the route between Pittsburgh and DC. The things you learn from Chowhound...

    2. I was there this past spring and I honestly don't recall many restaurants. We did eat at one place, it was very good, and it's the place that everyone eats at, so I'm sure you'll be pointed in the right's on main street....pretty big place w/ lots of art work, has a large bar and a dining room that is seperate...I'll repost if i remember the name, it could very well be the place ktmoomau speaks of. I do remember tho that a lot of the places closed very early, we were driving up from Baltimore and had enough time to drop our stuff and get to dinner before the kitchen's closed (on a friday).

        1. Tari's cafe is good for lunch but for dinner try Lot 12 Public House at 117 Warren St. Also make sure to book a massage at the State Park for the rustic experience or probably the best in town is Frankie at Atasia Spa.

          1. Can't more highly recomend Lot 12 for a special dinner. Make reservations and enjoy. My wife and I have been there a few times (more than 5, less than 20) and have never had anything that wasn't excellent. The staff is great and chef/owner is very personable. I sent a frend there for her honeymoon dinner and after making reservations, the chef made them feel like family. Plus there's a wonderful view.