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Oct 5, 2007 12:23 PM

Do you read local restaurant reviews? (Seattle)

Hi there,

I recently (within the last month) read a review of a Chinese restaurant in a local paper, I think Seattle Weekly but it very well could have been the Stranger or maybe another paper all together since I combed both of their websites and found nothing. The reviewer talked about taking a bunch of his friends from Canada there, they had a smorgasboard of entrees specifically sweet soymilk, salty soymilk, hot dumpling soup, and I can't recall whatever else. The article ended with him saying that he knew his friends really liked the place when they left the restaurant and said they would be back to the owner. I vaguely remember him saying it was by a freeway. Curses to my very short-term memory. What is the name of this Chinese restaurant? Anybody??

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  1. The soymilk, hot dumpling soup and near the freeway make me think that it is probably Chiang's Gourmet. I usually read the Times and PI reviews and didn't see it there. But it sure sounds like Chiang's menu items and locaton. The restaurant is worth trying. The Chinese menu has authentic items but the regular menu also some really good dishes like dry sauteed string beans and the peanut sauce [Chinese style not as sweet as Thai] is really good.

    1. It was Assunta Ng's review of the Greenwood Mandarin, not in Greenwood in Seattle, but in Bellevue, printed in the NW Asian Weekly.

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          Interesting...I had no idea they had these things. I'm a regular there but always get the 'tao ma mien' (jambon, a Korean noodle soup). I'm used to it having beef, shrimp and squid so I sub that - otherwise they do pork instead of beef and shrimp. I LOVE this dish!
          I have not enjoyed the stirfries I've had there -very bland.

        2. That's it! The NW Asian weekly huh? I never would have guessed since I don't read that paper regularly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Chow readers have come to the rescue. I posted this on craigslist also but haven't gotten a response there. A million thanks. I'm going to eat there this weekend!

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            I look forward to hearing what you think of it!

          2. Greenwood Mandarin is in Eastgate, not Bellevue, close to my house! Thanks for pointing it out. The review made me so hungry. I have a feeling that this weekend I will be headed over there.

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              Am looking forward to everyone's reports!