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Grown Up Bar in Providence RI

I'm looking for a few good "grown up" bars in Providence RI for a good, cold, martini. Looking for something not too loud, not packed w college students, where chances of getting a seat are good. Slightly posh is nice. Restaurant/hotel bars fine. Thanks.

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  1. The bar at the Napa Valley Grille at the Providence Placed Mall is quite nice. Sophisticated menu, take a look at their website.

    1. parkside. mills tavern. local 121. hemenways.

          1. re: Sean

            Man, I disagree 100%. L'Elizabeth is over-priced to the extreme! Their desserts are mediocre, and their crazily expensive drinks are always a different price, depending on who's working.

            Two enormous thumbs down...way, way down.

          2. re: gyppielou

            Tried Mills Tavern, just what the dr ordered. Will try some of the others soon.Tx!

          3. I recently went to the bar in the new Reinassance Hotel and it could be what you're looking for. Upscale but funky decore. Fancy gothic meets post-modern furniture and fixtures plus grafiti on the walls. I have heard it gets crowded on weeknights though.

            1. Skip l'elizabeths on south main unless you want a big surprise when you get the check...the prices are ridiculous and the product is less than acceptable. Try $35 for two martinis...this isn't New York City it's Providence, and this establishment has no right to charge such prices even with it's feeble attempt at having an elegant atmosphere that comes off dated and pretentious.

              1. Recently a couple of friends and I were out for a "ladies night", and stumbled upon Aspire, which is the restaurant/lounge at Hotel Providence. I highly recommend it. Beautiful inside, a large outdoor patio, and wonderful drinks. The bartender was funny and friendly, and the chef gave us a tour of the hotel, which is beautiful.

                Additional places I'd recommend are Local 121 and Zooma, although both can be crowded at times. Aspire is new and largely unknown, from what I can tell, so not yet crowded.

                  1. re: basachs

                    DEFINITELY AVOID L'Elizabeth's...but go to Bacarro (behind L'Elizabeth's)...better management, better drinks, better service, better prices.

                    I've had mixed experiences with their dinners (though last night was very good), but the apps/pizzas at the bar are always good.

                  2. I was just about to post a similar question so am happy to see these results. As a "grown up" with a visiting 24 year old, I am looking for something sophisticated yet alive, complete with a bar menu.