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Oct 5, 2007 11:53 AM

Inland Empire eats

can anyone tell me their favorite Inland Empire restaurants or hole in the walls?

Mainly San Bernardino County from Upland to SB.

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  1. Rancho Cucamonga - PHO HA is a VIETNAMESE noodle house in Ranch0 Cucamonga, in a shopping center on FOOTHILL BLVD, between HAVEN and ARCHIBALD. This place is packed at almost all times and has mainly maintained an A rating. . Great bowls of noodles,..great THAI TEA, and good CREME BRULE' for dessert in the French Vietnamese tradtion. Also a great STEAK SALAD. #44 ( not sure what they call it)..served in a boat for about $12.00. Basically onions are sauteed in oil and added to Teriyaki Style Beef strips and this stuff is layered on top of a bed of romaine lettuce My suggestion is to say "light on the oil" if possible, but otherwise WONDERFUL. . Served with WHITE RICE and FISH SAUCE. Really good. Also, try #84 which is like a Chow Mein served on top of CRISY NOODLES and it comes out looking like a FRIED BIRDS NEST. Pho Ha has a variety of good things. I think the average is about $8 and it goes up to $14. You can have HOT TEA at no charge , have a great noodle bowl, and get out with a tip for less than $10.
    PHO HA
    9319 Foothill Blvd
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

    (909) 980-7703

    1. Rancho Cucamonga one has mentioned my favorite place for breakfast...BC CAFE aka KICK BACK JACKS. I prefer the one in Rancho Cucamonga on Foothill over the one in Claremont on Indian Hill. A bit pricey in some ways...but enough food for 2 meals usually, so you have to consider that. They AIM TO PLEASE. My favorite omlette is the VEGGIE OMLETTE which has veggies and cream cheese give it that decadent touch. VERY TASTY. This place started out in old Pomona on Holt Blvd as "BREAKFAST AT CARL"S" ( hence BC)...many years ago, and the guys SON, "ROCKY" still runs the place.
      They have recentlya added DEEP FRIED BACON to the menu...which is also very over the top. Old time BC fans know the place for the SUPER HOME FRIES, which is a huge portion of home fries ( bell pepper, onion ) then add BACON, AVOCADO and SOUR CREAM...if you don't die from it, you will live to tell about it! OMG, and the CHICKEN WALDORF SALAD is great and huge. A nicely broiled chicken breast in strips adorns the top of a huge salade served with lots of GRAPES, STRAWBERRIES and etc. The dressing is a Raspberry Vinaigrette mixed into a vanilla yogurt base...and great for fruit if you like that kind of thing. ALSO...the CARNITAS SKILLET ( or any of the skillets) will send you away happy. (Carnitas Pork on top of Home Fried Potatoes with SALSA, AVOCADO, Sour Cream and etc. OMG!) They make their own salsa here and it's very good. Also...feel free to "ASK" for it "YOUR WAY" so far, the cooks have done things for me that were NOT on the MENU!.. NOW... I forgot to mention that the pancakes are bigger than dinner plates, and the sandwhiches are good also. You can spend from $7 to $15 per person I'd say, depending on your hearts desire. Remember...this place CLOSES AT 3 PM. Go hungry.
      BC Cafe aka KICK BACK JACK's
      10123 Foothill Blvd
      Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
      (909) 989-1440

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        A vote for BC Cafe in Claremont.
        Kick Back Jack pancakes
        Kick Back Jack sandwich ~~ turkey, bacon, avocado, cream cheese OMG
        Everything is good.

      2. GLENDORA - is the home of FLAPPY JACKS PANCAKE HOUSE...another good place for Breakfast and Lunch. This is a big family type place with large portions and better than average food ( in my opinion) The tradtional breakfast items are there...with a few GREEK or MEDITERRANEAN styled dishes added in between. There are tons of sandwhiches which I have not yet sampled. This place is packed and there is usually a line on the weekends. While I haven't tried everything....I will make the drive just to get a DUTCH BABY or GERMAN PANCAKE which can't be found at many places.( these are those baked panckes, sort of like a CREPE in texture, and shaped like a big HAT or something. It's baked in the oven, and topped with APPLES & CINNAMON or FRESH LEMONS and POWDERED SUGAR. One bit of warning...these big cakes are sort of like EATING AIR in a way...and you might want some protein with it.) I loved the MEDITERANEAN SALAD also. .
        and RESTAURANT , closes at 3 PM.

        640 W Route 66
        Glendora, CA 91740
        (626) 852-9444

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          san baggio real ny pizza 7th st upland thai satay foothill blvd upland red hill cafe breakfast joint foothill blvd cucamonga zekes breakfast ontario monster pancakes the deli foothill cucamonga great sandwiches samuluang pomona great thai and a zillion chains

          1. re: JimmyC

            Will have to try SAMULUANG ..I love THAI! ! I agree the rest are good. I don't care for the gravy at Zekes...but they sure do feed you a lot. I love the Sanwiches at THE DELI on FOOTHILL. AND...yep..San Biagio's makes great baked Italian thing...what the heck do you call those? ) No..not pizza) and I vote for their BASIC RED SAUCE...very good! YEP...RED HILL is a must try if you like big pancakes, big buttery hash browns, and old fashioned ham, eggs, and omlettes. ( A favorite of BIKERS if you are looking to see a lot of PIMPED OUT HARLEY's!) Take care. Keep sharing.

        2. Handel's Ice Cream in Upland. Wonderful flavors that are handmade on the premises. My hubby loves the cotton candy...really, it's ice cream that thinks it's cotton candy. I'm more partial to their fruity ice creams...strawberry and blueberry cheesecake if they're available. It's right by San Biagio's Pizza.
          Ditto to the post on BC, but I'm going to say that I love the blueberry pancakes the most. Tastes like a smashed blueberry muffin. Home fries are super delish!
          Pho Ha is okay. I've had Pho from the OC, and the Pho in the OC rocks. Pho Ha is an okay substitute because the OC is too far away.
          Kishi Japanese in Upland is quite good. Sushi's okay, but their teppan grill is great. It's been opened and run by the same Japanese family for over 30 years.
          Caffe Allegro in Upland is really good. French/Italian inspired dishes. I LOVE their lobster bisque and their seafood dishes are wonderful. My hubby likes the chicken parm...and he's a chicken parm afficionado.
          Petrilli's Pizza in Upland is very good. Not NY style. Toppings and cheese are great.
          Red Devil Pizza in Upland is also very good. I love their meatballs, super fresh tasting and well-seasoned. Their sauce is made daily, and I love their cheese.

          San Biagio's New York Style
          1263 W 7th St, Upland, CA 91786

          Handel's Homemade Ice Cream
          373 S Mountain Ave, Upland, CA 91786

          Caffe Allegro
          186 N 2nd Ave, Upland, CA 91786

          Kishi Japanese Restaurant
          320 W Foothill Blvd, Upland, CA 91786

          Red Devil Pizza
          659 E 15th St C, Upland, CA 91786

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          1. re: attran99

            There's another Red Devil in La Verne...great pizza, decent selection of beer and gotta love their unique collection of autographed memorabilia like the Wiseguy poster signed by Henry Hill. Petrillo's also has another location in Glendora that features a dining room. Caffe Allegro also has a location in La Verne but the one in Upland is much roomier.

            Other places I like include the Buffalo Inn and Everest in Upland; Pizza 'n Such and Aruffo's in Claremont.

            1. re: heckonwheels

              Thanks...I'll definitely have to try RED DEVIL if there are 2 locations. It's been a while since I visited Cafe Allegro but always enjoyed it very much. For DINING IN ON PIZZA...I think PIZZA N SUCH is a great choice!

            2. re: attran99

              Thanks...I will have to try RED DEVIL! I love all the other ones already! I like almost everything at KISHI.

              1. re: Taste Bud 42

                Taste Bud, that is so nice of you to answer a post that's almost 2 years old! Wonder if they are still around?

                IE dining is sparse, finding places among the chains is difficult. I don't like to eat breakfast out anymore. That is too much food in the AM and I can make that stuff to my own taste for a dollar or two. I'm not a fan of huge portions either. I make german apple pancake too, usually for dessert or brunch, though. It is not quite as easy as an omlette, but still really easy.

                I only went to Cafe Allegro once and I thought it was awful. I would never go again.

                I like Pho Ha.

                My favorite place in the western end is Sanamaluang Cafe in Pomona for Thai. Really good, they have a place in Thai Town in Hollywood to, but I haven't been. Pad Thai, General's soup noodles, duck noodle soup, fish cakes and the great spicy beef salad are in the regular rotation.

                I like the fish taco's at the Senor Baja chain. Cheap, and the dollar taco days are good.

                I like to get a slice at San Biago once in a while. I don't order a pie there cause the crust is soggy. But if you get a slice or two it crisps up on reheating. I don't get any toppings, just cheese. I did try the pie once at Pertrillio's in Upland (separate ownership), and the topping were good, but the dough too thick. I think you can order a thin crust, though.

                Hummm, good happy hour at Sycamore Inn. All wines (nice ones) and martini's, including sweet ones, are half price as are appetizers, so you can get a shrimp cocktail with 5 jumbo shrimp for $6. Good huge cheese platter for the money too.

                The Farm in Redlands is not hole in wall, but nice modern place, but very interesting food and concept and worth a look. I'd love to go again. We had some excellent wine there too.

                Route 66 Deli on Foothill in Upland closed, never got there but heard it was good. The Philly Cheesesteak place in Upland did too, and I'm sad cause I have to have an occasional fix of that.

                A Juanita's opened in the shopping center at Foothill and San Antonio. I has really nice bean toastda for $3.50

                Get Strawberries from the field at Baseline and Town in Claremont. A bit west you can get Strawberry Donuts from the donut man in Glendora (awesome) I can't wait till later when they have peach ones.

                Sad I can't think of too much else. Even in Claremont. Viva Madrid, yes. The new Back Abby Tavern seems good.

                Would like more hole-in-wall sleepers too.

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