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Oct 5, 2007 10:21 AM

Bored of options for lunch in Financial District

I work on Federal street in the Financial District, and I am simply bored with options.
I have now tried and tested and not thrilled with:
The dreaded cafeteria... blah
Panini at Boston Coffee co
The chains: Au Bon Pain, Super Salad, Rebecca's, D'Angelo, Starbucks
Elephant and Castle
Chinatown (kinda far)

Oh yeah, I know there are Langhams and Hyatt.. but we are talking lunch here.. not on expenses...


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  1. I like Al's on State Street and Sultan's Kitchen, which is right next door.

    1. I feel your pain, I'm in 100 Fed and I hate the cafeteria here. Other places I go to on occasion are Sebastian's for salads, Viga for a slice of pizza, salads or sandwiches at Sam LaGrassa's, Chacarero and sometimes Mediterranean Cafe. If I'm venturing further afield, on a nice day like today I might trek to the North End to Artu.

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        I second Sebastian's! Great sandwiches and a huge, fresh salad bar. And for the amount of food you get, a really great deal!

      2. Okay, NOT fancy, but for a pretty darn good burger, and absolutely some of the best fries around, try Biddy Earlies.

        Their fries are spectacular. Really. And they give you approximately 25,000 of them at a time.

        1. I am not sure what your budget is like, but there is also Houstons. It can be a bity pricey to some, but maybe on Fridays you could treat yourself there. Just go early (at opening at 11:30) or later after 1:30 unless you like waiting 20 minutes for a table! I also agree to, if its nice venture to the North End the park just opened up so its a pleasant walk.

          1. I should have added Al's and Sultan's. Both good and consitent. (though saltan's is a bit heavy for lunch). I will try Biddy Earlies. Houstons is good, been there.. but again bit far to walk.. gets all the State Street crowd and the like. I am almost by South Station folks! bit of a hike when you are targeting an hour.