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Oct 5, 2007 10:20 AM

Nice spot for drinks in Baltimore?

My husband and I are celebrating my birthday tomorrow night by having dinner at Cinghiale. Our reservations are not until 9, so we were hoping to go someplace nice for drinks first-maybe on the water? We don't go out a lot for drinks, so I'm clueless about the bar scene. Suggestions?

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  1. There is a place a little east of Cinghiale on the other side of the street, used to be called Victor's, they have outdoor seating but I don't know if you can order just drinks outdoors in the evening. My favorite On The Water Drinks spot is Chart House, although it's on the other side of the harbor - since you'll be dining so late maybe you could park near C. & take a water taxi across & back. They make a decent drink, you can sit outside, the view is great.

    Congrats - have fun!

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      Bkath, it's been a while, huh? Victor's is no longer there, replaced by the beginning of yet another big hotel. And I believe the Chart House met the same fate years back, it used to be what is now BluBambu and Chipotle, unless you are referring to Rusty Scupper.
      The whole of Harbor East has been redeveloped and there are many restaurants albeit chains that have bars that are good for just a drink. Yes! There's Charleston, but around the corner near the roundabout and Gold Flame Statue there's the Irish Bar "James Joyce" and then there's Roy's, Oceanaire, Lebanese Taverna, Flemings Steakhouse and Taco Fiesta (if you're feeling like a Margarita). I'd just park and wander around, each of the aforementioned have a nice bar scene, where the drinks are strong, although pricier than Fells Bars.
      Oh, in Fells you could try One Eyed Mike's on Bond Street, for a more Baltimore bar.

    2. You could go right across the street and have a nice drink at Charleston, very nice bar, same owners as Cinghiale.

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        The bar at Charleston is wonderful - they are super-attentive and it has such a nice vibe. We've gone there for dessert and drinks several times and always get treated very well - usually involves the chef sending out something extra which is pretty darn cool.

      2. Pazo's a short stroll.

        1. the explorer's lounge at the harbor court hotel is elegant.
          the views of the city are perfect at the rusty scupper.

          1. Kozmos lounge inside the marriott around the corner in the same neighborhood