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Oct 5, 2007 10:09 AM

Dad Dinner in Cambridge: River Gods?

So I'm going out to dinner with my dad in central square tonight and am not really sure where to take him. We've already been to central kitchen and rendez-vous. I know salts is supposed to be amazing, but I think he'll be a litter overwhelmed. He's a pretty austere eater. So I was thinking River Gods. Good or bad call? I hear they have good drinks, which to me is a pretty central ingrediant for surviving a parental dinner...

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  1. River Gods is borderline; it skews a little young and hip, so depending on your dad, he may be a little out of his depth.

    A few ideas nearby more along the lines Central Kitchen or Rendezvous: Blue Room, Garden at the Cellar, EVOO.

    Blue Room's pedigree overlaps with Rendezvous', actually, as Steve Johnson was executive chef and a co-owner there before moving to Rendezvous.

    1. River Gods is a great pub, with eclectic and fantastic bar food - burgers, fries, veggie hand rolls. Atmosphere is relaxed and casual and a little bit gothic. It's nowhere near the caliber of Central Kitchen or Rendez-Vous, even though it's great for what it is. What about Garden at the Cellar, closer to Harvard?

      1. River Gods is all about timing and I echo the other 2 comments. I think of it as after work drinks place. Can get really loud and rowdy, where service can be spotty at times.

        1. I agree with everyone's comments: River Gods is great until about 8:00. After that you'll be shouting to hear one another, jammed into a tight space, and potentially waiting a long time for service. Their menu is pretty good though.

          Garden at the Cellar would be a much better choice.

          1. How about Green Street? Nice drinks for you, New England-style comfort food for dad. Casual atmosphere, though nicer than a pub.


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              Green St is a great rec. As is Garden at the Cellar or Blue Room. I agree with everyone's comments re River Gods. Unless you get there early, you'll probably have to wait. Food is good, but certainly not extraordinary. It's a fun, hipster-ish sort of place, not necessarily the type of place that would first jump to mind when dining out with my dad.....