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Oct 5, 2007 10:05 AM

Martha screwed up and I need help!

So, I've just added the eggs in this lovely wedding cake recipe, and I notice it says in the instruction to add warm water. no warm water amount in ingredients~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!! here's the recipe-someone please help! THANKS!

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  1. I have no ideas, other than that the instructions say it makes 6 cups of batter - if you decided to trust that, you could just add everything else (since all the liquids go in at once) and then add warm water until it makes 6 cups batter. Not nearly as good as having a volume, but perhaps better than throwing it all away if you do not get any other ideas.

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    1. re: LauraB

      YAY! I actually in desperation called the magazine (M.S weddings) who in turn gave me the number to the headquarters whom in turn gave me the test kitchen and the girk called me RIGHT BACK! it's 1 1/4 cups warm water! I'll never draw mustaches on martha AGAIN!!!!

      1. re: isabella_la_bella

        That is impressive turn around - now you'll just have to see if they fix it on the website. :-) Good luck with your cake.

        1. re: LauraB

          That is impressive, maybe she should send those people to go fix the phone system and customer service problems, elsewhere. MS has some recipes that make it worth it even if they publish some untested. Her sugar cookies from an old Christmas cookbook are coveted by my family and friends.

      2. re: LauraB

        Nothing personal, but MS is (used to be, anyway) Notorious for publishing untested recipes. I sure hope this was a testrun!