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Oct 5, 2007 09:44 AM

Susina Cookies

OMGMGMGMG, On the suggestion of hounds fed up with SLJ, I went to Susina's yesterday. I wasn't in the mood for cake, which didn't actually strike me as looking all that good (I wasn't hungry when I arrived and I'd just OD'd on a cake I made a couple days ago), so opted instead for a pound of teensy weensy cookies. I didn't ask the price. Good thing I didn't or I might have chickened out. In fact, these are the BEST such cookies I have ever had anywhere. And I love these little finger cookies; don't know what they're actually called, and am rather picky about them. Again, these are IMO fantastic. Delicious, interesting, not too sweet, tasty, small enough that you can have many, many to try the assortment without getting stuffed; all different from one another. Even tiny you can easily eat more than is good for you, though. The price, $20/lb is steep but what is the cost of infinite pleasure?!

I think I have discovered my "native food" present to bring as a house guest when traveling. Not sure whether they'll hold up to too much bouncing though, but it's certainly worth a try. These were mind-bogglingly delicious.

Susina is located in the first block west of La Brea along the south side of Beverly.

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  1. Agree -- the first bakery here that actually got Mr. Bite-Bite to stop grumbling about the lack of delicious NY-style little cookies.

    1. I, too, love Susina's deceptively small cookies -- "Oh, one more mini cookie won't hurt much.... hey, how'd half the box disappear?"

      And yet, I always let them talk me into buying more than I'm supposed to ... "Only a pound? How about a little more, that way you can try one of everything!"

      The fact that I also love their cakes, tarts & breakfast pastries isn't doing my waistline any wonders either. -_-


      1. Agreed...we ordered several hundred of Susina's cookies for our wedding, and couldn't believe how delicious they were...we got more compliments on the cookies than on our wedding cake!

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        1. re: Dave and Stuff

          What kind of cookies are they? I checked the website and it said "Italian cookie assortment", can anyone elaborate on the different varieties?

          1. re: hrhboo

            They have about 30 varieties - each are 1-2 bites worth. Most of them are buttery cookies with various fruit jams, nuts and chocolates. Hard to describe but easy to recommend! :)


              1. re: AquaW

                Couldn't possibly have done better myself. There are little piped white things with chocolate on the end and brown things that are chewy with an almond flavor -- heavily almondy but just great anyway (almond extract is not one of my favs but it really works here with being so chewy) and striped white/choc cookies and the sorts with white cookie-choc + chopped pistas .... etc. There are so many of them, and the thing is, tiny as they are, they is each terrifically flavorful. Worth a visit -- I would and will drive 45 minutes for these little things alone.

                Getting little boxes of them as wedding favors sounds like such a great idea I might have to get married again. But to whom second time around? I could use a change...

          2. did i get cookies on the wrong day? everybody says theyre so delicious. last june, i got a pound of the italian assortment. the cookies all had some kind of weird freezer flavour. did i get a bad batch? i never planned to go back because of that batch...

              1. re: Emme


                Is the first thread a store in LA - cookies from italy? If so, where is it? Must have those cookies!


                1. re: Francesca

                  Cookies from Italy is an online purveyor
                  Mozzicato Bakery is in Hartford, CT, but you can buy them online
                  Sorry to be a food porn tease ;)

                2. re: Emme

                  Some from #3 some from #4 some from the last -- all way teensier than these. Several amaretti from #2.

                  Don't know about the bad "freezer-batch". I'd say it's worth another try. And I'm just cheap enough to say it's especially worth another try if you were to, say, give them a phone call and explain your dilemma and just see whether they might be willing to let you have a few to taste for improvement?!

                  Because that earlier reviewer is sure right about those deceptively small little things just slipping away before ever you knew it!

                  1. re: aliris

                    The folks at Susina are very cordial and this place exudes love in their products. I couldn't see why they wouldn't show a little "sympathy" to Dzyalo if the approach was right...