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Oct 5, 2007 09:42 AM

OM Restaurant

I'm thinking of going to OM this weekend, has anyone been there recently? And what was the feedback?

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  1. I have never gone but If you are a member of valueclub (, you can get 33% off your meal.

    1. Had a beautifully cooked piece of salmon there for lunch on Wednesday. The sauce was nothing special, but the fish was absolutely lovely, as was the bed of chard.

      1. I thoroughly enjoy OM's although I have only been at lunch time. The first time was kind of a spur of the moment thing and I wasn't sure I was dressed appropriately since I had jeans on but once seated I noticed there were others that were as casual as I was. They had a wonderful pea soup with smoked scallops and chinese sausage on the menu that day. Nothing like the pea soup my mother used to make. Also, you should try the momos (dumplings) with the various dipping sauces

        1. ugh- overpriced, pretentious & tiny portions.

          1. i've had some really great, creative dinnertime meals there (though, yes, the portions are not large... but is that necessarily a bad thing?)- however, the past couple of times i've been the bar has been loud and the food less than spectacular. the one time i had lunch it was just so so.

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              well, when something is listed as mashed potatoes, and comes out as a tiny smear on the plate...that's a small portion