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OM Restaurant

I'm thinking of going to OM this weekend, has anyone been there recently? And what was the feedback?

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  1. I have never gone but If you are a member of valueclub (valueclub.org), you can get 33% off your meal.

    1. Had a beautifully cooked piece of salmon there for lunch on Wednesday. The sauce was nothing special, but the fish was absolutely lovely, as was the bed of chard.

      1. I thoroughly enjoy OM's although I have only been at lunch time. The first time was kind of a spur of the moment thing and I wasn't sure I was dressed appropriately since I had jeans on but once seated I noticed there were others that were as casual as I was. They had a wonderful pea soup with smoked scallops and chinese sausage on the menu that day. Nothing like the pea soup my mother used to make. Also, you should try the momos (dumplings) with the various dipping sauces

        1. ugh- overpriced, pretentious & tiny portions.

          1. i've had some really great, creative dinnertime meals there (though, yes, the portions are not large... but is that necessarily a bad thing?)- however, the past couple of times i've been the bar has been loud and the food less than spectacular. the one time i had lunch it was just so so.

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              well, when something is listed as mashed potatoes, and comes out as a tiny smear on the plate...that's a small portion

            2. The good: the lovely, serene dining room, and the ambition of the cocktail menu in the first-floor bar..

              The not so good: spotty execution on those interesting drink ideas and highly variable service in the dining room.

              The terrific: one appetizer or entree in just about every meal there, something beautiful to behold but also original and really delicious. The seared tofu dish I had last time (some months ago now) was one of these.

              Overall, it's a bit too hit or miss to get a lot of my repeat business: I generally go with friends who are curious about it, not of my own volition. If every dish were as fine as the occasional home run, I'd forgive the service and bartending inconsistencies and go more often.

              1. For me at lunch there are a couple of standbys, including the momos (I like beef best) and the caesar salad, just a very good, well put together dish. I've been fortunate not to have any bad meals there and, along with Rialto and CSB, it's one of the best of the expensive places in Harvard Square.

                The wines by the glass feel very expensive, the downstairs bar is loud (which is fine) and the cocktails don't do much for me there

                The dining room upstairs is very nice pretty and I think you will find something yummy and new. I've found the service to be pretty good mostly but not up to the calibre of the food when thats on. Also, she doesn't cook with something a lot of people are allergic to (like tree nuts or something), so you can take that relative that brings their own stuff in Tupperware.

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                  I had my second OM experience Saturday. Delicious tofu as usual, decent micro-greens salad, but totally sub-par dessert. Had the chocolate tart with raspberry lime ricky and bergamot creme- tasted like a very stale, very overpriced Duncan Hines brownie. Not too pleased. However, as long as Rachel Klein continues to make that tofu dish, I'll return for more!

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                    Is the General Om's Tofu back on the menu? I dream about that dish...

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                      They call their item 'Vegetable Market' with wonderful pan- fried tofu that's crispy, sweet (i think coconut) and a bit spicy (perhaps curry). It is served with yummy veggies and couscous as well. Delicious

                2. A little late but - the drinks can be wonderful (green tea iced tea) or a complete miss (I forget the name of the amaretto one). Dinner wise the pork two ways is astounding - one of the best pork dishes around. I've also had some great fish dishes there and overall it can be quite good. I actually find the portion sizes fine - go for an app, main, and dessert and you'll be stuffed. Its a good default place for me when we want something that is good and close by.

                  Bar food wise though its a different matter. The momos are usually wonderful - but they do occasionally undercook them leaving the dough chewy (I also believe they aren't made on site). The skewers are all quite lovely - the rest (I think I've had everything on that bar menu) is typical and done ok to good. And, until the last time there, I've found everyone pleasant and warm

                  However the last time there we just walked out after a brief conversation with the all too pretentious hostess. Another person working there just kinda looked at me with an "I'm Sorry" face so it's most likely one bad apple. In any case it is one of the better restaurants in the Square.


                  1. Drinks and vibe are fun. We had a horrible hostess there in the bar area. Food is nothing special. Momos are definitely frozen (noone in the back hand making momos I assure you.)

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                      was at OM for lunch and had the momos. They are indeed everyday, made on site, by a Nepali gentleman. I asked the manager about it.

                    2. I say no no to their momo's! Who wants a big bite of raw pork and then to fight over how "done" it was with the host. On Valentine's day no less. Terribly rude and pretentious waitstaff - I would not recommend.