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Oct 5, 2007 09:28 AM

Red Velvet Cake in DC, MD, or NoVA?

I am trying to find out where I can find red velvet cake in DC, MD or Northern VA. Stores, diners, bakeries, anything. I am the worst baker and ordering them online is very expensive. I thought I'd try this first. Your recommendations will be very helpful. Thanks!

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  1. There was a thread similar to this maybe a month or so ago.... I think that person was asking for both red velvet and german chocolate, and I might also be getting it mixed up with one about cupcakes. In any case, you might search for those earlier threads, while you wait for others to weigh in here.

    1. call heidelberg pastry shoppe in arlington. they are great! ask! (they did a fab wedding cake in marzipan for me!)

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        Thank you. I contacted Heidlberg Pastry Shoppe in Arlington and was able to place an order for the Red Velvet cake.

        This was very helpful.

        1. re: Lanalobell

          hey that's great to know! lanalobell, how was the cake? i hope it's fabulous for you.

      2. I could swear I saw it yesterday @ The Common Ground Coffee Shop in Hampden, Baltimore.
        819 W. 36th St.
        Baltimore, MD 21211
        (410) 235-5533

        1. Fine Sweet Shoppe at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill in DC used to have them. Jenny Glasgow told me that she was going to start baking them again now that the new East Hall is open following the fire.
          Call her to see if she's got them or is willing to bake one for you. Everyone will be glad to have them back. 202-543-9729

          1. Try Buzz in Alexandria. They have red velvet cupcakes. I don't know about cake but you can ask.