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Oct 5, 2007 09:18 AM

Danube Tonight - Suggestions?

Danube tonight - anyone been recently? Suggestions?

Did a search of this site (and Would love your suggestions on what to order, what to avoid, tasting menu, weekly market choices.

Thanks in advance. As always, will share/post our experience.

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  1. I love the lobster and foie gras. My sister loves the Wiener Schnitzel. The duck preparation is always excellent.

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        My fiance had a great raw tuna dish--I'm forgetting how it was prepared. I had a white fish that I liked, but I don't remember the details.

      2. Honestly, the only suggestion that I have is not to go. If you search under the restaurant name you'll find lots of disappointed diners.

        On the plus side, the room is gorgeous. Maybe drinks in the bar area before heading to a good restaurant in the neighborhood-- Dennis Foy comes to mind.

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        1. As promised a review of our experience at Danube follows below. Thanks again for all your advice and suggestions.

          Walked in without a reservation around 9 PM on a Friday evening. We were greeted graciously and seated immediately.

          Ambience and service were first rate. Danube is one of the most beautiful restaurants I have been in. By comparison Chanterelle's dining room is a bit formal for my taste. Danube struck a perfect balance between formality and warmth. I felt like we stepped back in time and were in Europe. I didn't expect such an intimate, dark, romantic room and we were seated in the middle of the room, not on one of the couches with pillows. Service was excellent.

          On to the food . . .

          Parmesan and salt rolls were nice.

          Amuse bouche - potato soup with shrimp and a shrimp at the bottom was nice.


          Seared Hudson Valley foie gras with roasted peaches appetizer was delicious, a few bites were slightly stringy. (The seared Hudson Valley foie gras app I had at The River Cafe recently was better.)

          Tasting menu appetizer (complex presentation . . .what I can remember follows) - oyster with apple mint gelée, crisp sardine, bloody mary with ?, seafood egg roll, salmon with roe in ?. This app was delicious. (After this app I wondered if one of us should have ordered the tasting menu as a hound had suggested?)


          Duck on a bed of sweet purple cabbage. I'm a sucker for sweet cabbage and this did not disappoint. Duck was cooked perfectly and sliced a little to thickly. Unfortunately there was no sharp knife to be found. My butter knife was replaced by a knife that was not much sharper. I think I would have enjoyed the duck more if I had a proper utensil. Server even remarked that another diner had asked for a sharp knife. (The duck I had at The Harrison was better and could have been cut with a butter knife).

          Sea bass with creamed spinach - delicious (hounds who suggested seafood were spot on)

          Palate cleanser:

          Elderflower Gelée with lemon verbena sorbet - delicious


          Banana Creme Brulee

          Black Mission Fig with vanilla, aged balsamic and ? ice cream with some type of thin, wafer like, sweet, crispy cookie garnish. These warm figs in an aged balsamic vinegar sauce were delicious and this is one of the best desserts I have ever had.

          Espresso and Viennese Coffee, complimentary chocolates (lovely).

          We left with a lovely lemon pond cake compliments of Danube.

          Highlights were the company, ambience, service, seafood app (from tasting menu), sea bass entree and black mission fig dessert. Would return for cocktails/apps or coffee/dessert in the charming, cozy, intimate bar area.

          p.s. thanks, jens. Read your response too late. Have been wanting to try Dennis Foy. They were closed in August. Have they re-opened now that summer is over? What would you suggest at D.F.?