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Oct 5, 2007 09:16 AM

Coffee purveyors

I'm looking for pumpkin spice coffee (beans or ground). Does anyone know of a store that specializes in a large selection of coffee/tea in Westchester, Rockland, or Bergen? Thanks~

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  1. I almost hate to say it, but I did see pumpkin spice coffee beans at Stew Leonard's in Norwalk -- which means they would also have them in Yonkers...

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    1. re: Elizzie

      Why hate to say it? The pumpkin spice coffee from Stew Leonard's is great, as is most of the other coffee I've bought from the Yonkers store. I only buy whole beans and theirs have been consistently fresh and good, b/c they have a high turnover and roast on premises. Granted their non-flavored coffee selection totally sucks, but the dulce de leche and cinnamon hazelnut are good if you're into that kind of thing.

      1. re: sneadhearn

        I'm always afraid that I'll be castigated by the coffee snobs. Just preemptively ducking and covering.

        1. re: sneadhearn

          Personally, I prefer that my coffee tastes like coffee. If the non-flavored coffee sucks, that means the flavored coffee also sucks, but the artificial flavoring is covering it up. It's like dumping a load of ketchup on a crappy piece of steak.

      2. i know slave to the grind in bronxville has a BUNCH of flavors. They have a lot of seasonal stuff so its very likely that they'll have pumpkin spice! Good luck. I go there a lot so the next time i stop in, ill check!

        1. I pass SL in Yonkers & the town of Bronxville on my way to work so I'll check it out. Thanks a million.

          1. Coffee Labs on Main Street in Tarrytown has pumpkin spice coffee.

            They roast the coffee there and everything is great!!

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            1. re: barbara0621

              Thanks again to everyone with the constructive suggestions! I'm hoping to make a pit stop this week. I could care less if the coffee doesn't taste good without the artifical flavoring. It's a shame that some people live in fear of the emotional bullies-but point well evidenced. Since they're going to spout off anyway you might as well say what you want with pride & let them be the ones to duck & cover.

              1. re: pumpkin donut

                Oh don't be so sensitive. The point is, you want to start with good coffee. Why on earth would you want to settle for "the coffee's not very good, but if you pile enough flavoring on top of it, you can can hide the bad taste"?

                1. re: pumpkin donut

                  So? Did you get your pumpkin coffee?

              2. being that my family and I only favor pumpkin flavored coffee from now and up until Thanksgiving I added the spices in the cup or to the pot as its brewing with out any spice floating.I plan to purcase a variety of extracts for the purpose of flavorig coffee.I sometimes do use anise or almond extracts with good results,I like the coffee I purchase on line from porto rico coffee www,

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                1. re: scunge

                  another vote for porto rico- their prices are good, the coffee is very good, and the shipping is quick. Check for the "sale of the week"-- always a good deal.

                  1. re: DGresh

                    peters sale from portorico coffee is I believe next week all products at the sale price>I recently bought a geman made coffee mill for my stove top expresso and have been enjoying the best "cafe nieru" (black coffee ala old Sicilian) and has been better than what I've been getting out from the machines.In my opinion stovetop expresso is the way to go

                    1. re: scunge

                      I still haven't gotten the coffee b/c I sprained my ankle (am in a cast-I had know idea how hard it is to get around in one), am running a company & am short staffed this week-lucky me! I really was going to go to a local place this week, but now that I see Porto Rico delivers-which is actually what I got hooked on in the first place I might just do that. However thanks so much for all the suggestions b/c now I/we know where to go for bean variety. Scott when I have flavored coffee it's pretty much all the same to me, like you said you're basically killing the bean (steak)-so there's no difference to me if I start with good or bad beans.