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Oct 5, 2007 09:15 AM

Spitzer's Corner

Recently I went to Spitzer's Corner only to find that the previous chef had left the restaurant. I'd been to Spitzer's Corner 3x before the departure of the previous chef. Between myself and my companions, we'd ordered about 75% of the menu. Previously, you could have discribed Spitzer's Corner as a great beer bar with gastropub leanings. While the menu originally had familiar pub and bar food options, the menu, at least IMHO elevated Spitzer's Corner to at least a gastropub level.

The bar snack items remain, but gone were my personal favorites:
- Fried oysters appetizer
- Rocket Salad
- The PBLT (braised pork belly, pickled tomato, and lettuce)
- Fish and Chips (whole friend sea bass with thin crispy fries)

Instead, the new items on the menu included:
"Grilled skirt steak"
"Grilled chicken breast"
"Grilled cheese"
"Duxbury mussels" (while tasty, I found the flavor combinations of sausage, onion & peppers to be a little unimaginative)

They kept the "hickory burger", but I found that the new burger has limited hickory flavor had an unpleasant crust all around. There was a crust on the meat patty, there were crusts on the bun (which was drier and chewier than the previous incarnation), all of which made for a disappointing burger. Additionally, the new burger was $12, plus an $1 for cheese, and $2 for bacon (the last one was $12 and that came with cheese and bacon). While the fries were still pleasant salted and competently fried, they were thicker cut.

As for me, I'll still go there for the beer, but I'll eat somewhere else beforehand.

In my opinion, the new menu is plays it too safe, resulting in an unimaginative and banal recipe. My friends and I were disappointed by the new menu. I don't think the previous menu was adventurous that it would be offputting. I'd be curious - has anybody eaten at the previous Spitzer's and gone to it recently?

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  1. I suppose they realized models don't eat pork belly.

    1. oh noooo, that pork belly sandwich was one of the best sandos i've ever had. new menu sounds like overpriced diner food.

      1. That sucks!! I love that place and their food.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. The Duxberry Mussels , were amazing. Spitzer's mussels are possibly the best ive had in Manhattan. Better than petit abeille, Markt, and many other places. Yes ive had great mussels marinara or zuppa but that's a different category.