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Oct 5, 2007 09:12 AM

3 days in NW Houston

Hello Houston Foodies,

I'll be in NW Houston for 3 days next week and I am always looking for recommendations for quality dining establishments. Not looking to break the bank, but am open to all suggestions. I typically try to gravitate to locally owned and operated establishments verses national chains.

I've tried several offerings in the area, as well as closer to the city - but like to hear what you guys have to say.

Many thanks!

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    1. Houston is very spread out and NW Houston covers a lot of territory. It might help if you narrowed it down a bit.

      I know about only a few restaurants out that way. Lyndon’s Pit BBQ, 290 @ Hollister, is the best place in this area to get Carolina style pulled-pork bbq; sides are good. I haven’t been in about 2 years. Capt. Tom’s, on FM 1960 and I-10 West, is great for shrimp, oysters, catfish, gumbo. We recently had a mention here on CH of Baby Leita’s Pizza for Chicago style deep dish; use the ‘search this board feature;’ I haven’t gotten up there yet.

      Hickory Hollow near the race track would be good for chicken fried steak and burgers and a Houston CHer has recently recommended their bbq. I have been at an affair catered by Prime Time Steakhouse on 1960 and the food was good (beef tips, creamed spinach as I recall) but I haven’t been to the restaurant.

      A friend who spends a lot of time in New Mexico drove all the way across town from the East side to check out Santa Fe Flats on 249 for New Mex-Mex but was not enthusiastic; that was over a year ago and I notice there are lots of very positive reviews on

      I’ve seen nothing but good comments on Cajun Town Café, including one recently on the thread about dining near Intercontinental. There’s one on W. Little York just east of Bingle, off 290. I hope to get up there myself soon.

      You can check out these and get links to maps on

      1. I'd be very interested to read of your experiences. Upon your return, if possible, would you kindly post where and what you ate?

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          Thanks for the tips - I'll gladly post my findings and share my thoughts on what I have. To more clearly state - I'll be up 249 near Willowbrook Mall area. I've eaten at plenty of places in this area - but am always looking for new places to dine...specifically if I can find locally owned and operated establishments (harder to find in the burbs).

        2. you can get good to great vietnamese meals at hong long, 18405 state highway 249, phone 281-894-8882. near the mall, 249 at 1960 across from taco milagro/pf changs.

          they do terrific vietnamese food (and perfectly decent chinese). great pho, too! try the crispy vietnames fish and the lotus delight salad...delicious.

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          1. re: karenkay

            Thanks - it sounds right up my alley!

          2. Okay - I flew into Houston yesterday, on my way to Austin - it was around lunchtime - and I had fish tacos on my mind...So I headed over to FM 1960 to Berryhill's Tamales and Tacos. (Monday - fish tacos $1.99!!!) I saw on the menu board a sign indicating Zagat readers have rated Berryhill's fish taco's as the far - I have to agree. The fish fillets are perfectly fried and are not the least bit greasy. They are topped with red cabbage, cilantro and a wonderful, slightly sweet tartar sauce. I also had an order of tamales - one beef, one pork and one corn/spinach - all very tasty as well.

            I'll be back in Houston later this week and look forward to trying some new places.

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            1. re: Franklin Smith

              I don't know anything about what is where in Houston, I'm still trying to figure out what a "Ward" is.but my friend who visits there frequently, says that you should try to make it to Thelma's.B-B-Q He said it doesn't matter what you order: It's all amazing. Perhaps someone here can give an opinion. I couldn't find a site, but the reviews look pretty good. He also mentioned that the neighborhoood is a little iffy, but he's from the west coast of FL, so "iffy" is probably relative, lol!


              1. re: Tay


                A "Ward" is just a division to make a district, and it dates back to the 1800's when Houston was much smaller. Now we have subdivisions, but the heart of Houston is still in "Wards" and there are 6 of them, all inside the loop. Now if you think that going to a neighborhood that is predominately one race over another is "iffy" that could stop you from going. But it wouldn't stop me. People are friendly as long as you are friendly. I have heard great things about Thelma's, but I don't get to that part of town often, so I can't honestly say. But I have eaten at a few places in different wards that are fabulous.

                1. re: danhole

                  Thanks for the information RE: The origin of Wards. The "Iffy" comment was in no way a reflection of any type of bias based on race or ethnicity. I was just passing on what my friend said. and I believe he was referring to what he may have perceived as the question of safety in that particular area.
                  I am passing that along much as I would mention difficulty in finding parking, or anything else that might help the OP be better informed.
                  If my posting offended anyone, my apologies, .I assure you it was unintentional. :-}

                  1. re: Tay

                    Tay, I just saw this and want to let you know that I was not offended in anyway over the "iffy" remark. Houston is so diverse and some neighborhoods are more dangerous than others, but that is true in all big cities. I have been very fortunate, and not had any trouble in any neighborhood, but then again I am a very friendly, little white woman who people seem to open up to no matter who they are! No need to apologize!