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Oct 5, 2007 09:10 AM

Spec's Deli, North Location Now Open

Has anyone tried Spec's Deli? I see the north location is now open. I was viewing the online deli menu, prices are very fair.


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  1. I can only speak for the one in the South, but my husband tried it twice while I was out of town a couple months ago, and he thought it was so bad (he tried it again because he thought the first time had to be a fluke) he refuses to eat there again and shuts down any suggestions of going there for a sandwich.

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    1. re: shan

      I have no complaints about Spec's Deli sandwiches. Okay, it's not a New York deli, but I'm well aware of that before I go in. I enjoy the fairly imaginative selections which they have up on their board. Perhaps you can tell us specifically what your husband disliked so much?

      1. re: TAF

        He thought the Cuban was inedible. He loves ham, but the meat on the sandwich was way too thick for a Cuban and the flavors were off.

        1. re: shan

          I must have missed the Cuban; was it a daily special? I know you're not speaking from firsthand experience, but did your SO say what else was on the sandwich (sliced pork, pickles, mustard, cheese)? What else did he try?

          I've had great experiences with the deli fare at Spec's south on several occasions, so it would be great to know what to avoid.

          1. re: Twill

            We lived in Florida for several years and he got rather spoiled by the Cubans. He said the meat was too thick and it was not pressed correctly to be a decent Cuban. I'll likely sneak over there when he's out of town in a couple weeks and check it out, but he thought it was so bad, I can't even suggest going over there to try it anymore.

            1. re: shan

              We actually went by Spec's south location yesterday and noticed that the Cubano was, indeed, part of the permanent menu. I guess I was getting hung up on the earlier menu items.

              1. re: shan

                Indeed, I tried their Club Sandwich one day and had to take it back to the counter and ask them to remake it so that I had a fighting chance of getting it in my mouth. A tasty enough sandwich, but it was bigger than my head and easily enough for two people.

                  1. re: robbie6805

                    Isn't Specs Wine Tasting tomorrow? Second Tues of the Month?

      2. I've spoken elsewhere on the board of my love for Spec's. See here:

        I recommend the sandwiches wholeheartedly. Does the new Mopac location have a kitchen? The Airport location has a deli counter, but no space to prepare food - they only sell a very limited selection (3 at last check) of premade refrigerated sandwiches. The Brodie store has a kitchen and serves the full menu of hot and cold sandwiches listed on the website.

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        1. re: mkwng

          Was at the MoPac location today for lunch. They have a kitchen. Tried a Rueben; quite good, big enough for two people, for $7.49. No tables, but there are a few benches outside the door, in the shade.

          1. re: thebodytx

            I was surprised to hear that Spec's sold food to eat there. Actually they do have tables, perhaps not when thebodytx was there but they are over by the cigar humidor room and not near the deli. I wonder if they would do better if the tables were closer to the deli. People might associate sit down eating and the deli better.

            1. re: singlemalt

              Yes, they've added tables since my previous visit. Been back since (Arbor Wak) location and tried the Cuban. It was a disaster. Like an earlier writer I've lived in South Florida and think I know what a Cuban is supposed to be. Anyway, still go to Spec's for the booze but have lost interest in the deli.

            2. re: thebodytx

              I went to Spec's (North Mo-Pac) a few weeks back to grab a sandwich. I heard so many good things from the folks on this board. I got a vegetarian sandwich with lots of grilled veggies and goat cheese (all things I like), but the sandwich was pretty terrible.The proportions were all off---waaaayyyyy too much goat cheese. My friend got something else (a French dip perhaps?) and was dissapointed with her choice as well (her issue was the same, bad proportions).

              I had such a great sandwich (well, a wrap really) at Grape Vine Market. I think that when I go to a liquor store for lunch, I vow to always go to Grape Vine.

          2. hubby and i went last Friday to the Brodie location. let's see...he got the Reuben, which he almost always gets if it's on the menu somewhere. he said it wasn't as good as NeWorlDeli, which isn't saying much - it's pretty hard to beat NWD's Reuben. He said the dressing wasn't spread out enough, so the middle few bites were really good, but the outer inch or so on the four sides were too dry. i got the veggie delight which consisted of avocado, roasted red peppers, cucumber, eggplant, sprouts and goat cheese. i'll eat anything w/ goat cheese in it, and i'm always on the lookout for a good veggie sandwich. pretty good stuff. i definitely want to try something meaty next time. and we also got a Caprese stack and an iceberg wedge (i can't resist blue cheese either). the Caprese was good-average. the iceberg wedge had candied pecans and bacon pieces. the pecans and bacon really gave it a boost, as the blue cheese dressing was not nearly as strong and pungent as i would have liked. i remember thinking that the blue cheese dressing i've made at home was better. they have such a big menu that i could see myself returning a few more times to try different things. oh, and it was a little weird eating in the former Academy. some lady was shopping for coffee right behind my chair and invading my personal space a bit. oh and the sodas include a single refill and were way too full of ice b/c we forgot to ask for less.