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Oct 5, 2007 08:59 AM

Atlantic City Day Trip


Going to Atlantic City for the day tomorrow - looking for a good place to have lunch.

Any type of cuisine is fine. Not a food snob chain restaurants are fine also if those are the best options.


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  1. The Quarter at the Tropicana is a good place if you're only around for the day - it's got a wide variety of restaurants to choose from - Italian (Carmine's), PF Changs, Cuba Libre, dessert places, etc., and it's a fun place to walk around.

    If you want to get away from the casino atmosphere, walk three blocks inland and hit Little Saigon (corner of Arctic and Iowa) - excellent Vietnamese food, very reasonably priced.

    1. Might be too late now -- but White House Sub Shop one Arctic Ave. would be one obvious suggestion.

      1. So many choices, so little time! Suggest the Atlantic City Bar and Grill on Pacific Ave between North & South Carolina for ribs or seafood, Angeloni's on Arctic @ Georgia for Italian, Los Amigos on Atlantic between Michigan and Ohio for Mexican or the Irish Pub on St. James Place for a very inexpensive sandwich. Many more options for dinner.

        1. I cant let a posted question on AC go by without suggesting and demanding that you stop at White House Subs. Absolute and utter MUST. This is the best bread you will ever have with a hoagie- I personally suggest the tuna and the sausage/peppers.

          Other than that, I would highly suggest the Irish Pub across from Resorts. Great food, beer selection, and unreal prices.