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Oct 5, 2007 08:13 AM

Are Bar Pilar and Cafe St Ex still good?

I'm curious, since they were great destinations when Bart and Josh (both now at Hook) were working the kitchens there and I haven't been since they left.

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  1. I was at St Ex for dinner earlier this week and I had the potato wrapped halibut. Oh that halibut was sooo moist and buttery. I tasted my companion's tuna and it was good. I've never had dinner at St. Ex before Barton left so I don't know how different that dinner was from when he was at the helm. I will say that I was left with a, "gosh it was nice but nothing to go out of the way with and I'll stick with brunch there" opinion. And I haven't ate at Bar Pilar since they got rid of the tater tots. No tater tots makes botnot angry. Grr.

    1. It's been a few months, but my Bar Pilar experience was quite good. I remember tasty crab cakes.

      1. Not nearly as exciting, but... I had my old standby at St. Ex -- the burger with bleu cheese and mushrooms -- recently, and it was still great.

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          We went to St. Ex for brunch last weekend for the first time in ages. The burger was still great (we think it deserves to be in the best burgers in the city category, not that we're big experts or anything).

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            We frequent this cafe and I have to say we've been pretty disappointed of late. I think with St.ex you should stick to either the burger or the fried green tomato blt. Everything else we've tried has been a bust.

        2. Was just at Bar Pilar two weeks ago. Besides some good beer and wine, and a great laid back vibe, their small plates are very good. I always liked St. Ex and was pleasantly surprised by the food at Bar Pilar

          1. I had brunch at St. Ex last weekend and enjoyed the quiche. Very large size piece, light, fluffy with a lot of flavor. I went around 2pm, sat by myself and the service was friendly. I didn't feel like they were rushing me out, they let me sit and drink coffee and read my newspaper which was nice.

            Haven't been there for dinner in quite awhile. Last time I went was in the Spring or Summer and we had a major issue with the hostess' attitude and the restaurant's policy in general for the outside table area. Our Book Club was meeting but we didn't know the exact number. We were all ordering drinks and food so one would think they would be ok with us sitting out there. Instead they turned it into a major hassle...something about not being allowed to push tables together or add chairs. It was the hostess NOT the waiter btw. She was more then happy to have a group of 8 sit at her station, order lots of food and wine and tip well. Turned me off from St. Ex for awhile.