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Oct 5, 2007 08:11 AM


I can't stop eating them!!!
I used to get all I want from the Fairway in Plainview but thay have not had any in the last few weeks. I spoke with one of the workers and seems like a import issue?!? ANybody know the scoop? OR any place I can get them in bulk?

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  1. ha.I would try whole foods!

    1. You can check Iavarrone Brothers in Wantagh. I believe they have them. I know how you feel, when I have them, I can't stop eating them either...what is it about them? Good luck.

      1. Dean & Deluca in general has them.

        1. Check Trader Joe's. They carry them out here in LA.

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            I can't believe this. I never heard of them until my husband bought some from Stop & Shop a couple of months ago. They are sooo good. Try them on a grilled chicken sandwich. Or with hummus on a cracker. Yum!!! Also found them at Whole Foods.

          2. For a quick fix when you're in the city, you can get them as a condiment at Mandler's.