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Oct 5, 2007 07:58 AM

Home made Limoncello

I know that there are threads already talking about home made limoncello and I have read them. My problem is that when I made my first batch, it froze when it went in the freezer. I am looking for any ideas on maybe why it would of frozen? I used what the recipe said, 2 cups of Alchool and let it sit for 10 days with lemons then 2 cups water, and 2.5 cups sugar.

Would the Alchool burn off if when i poured the simple syrup mixture into the alchool the syrup was still warm? Should I be using maybe vodka or gin instead of alchool? and only mix the syrup and alchool/gin/vodka at room temperature?

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  1. What are you using for alcohol? Vodka is what my friend/neighbor uses after much experimentation.

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      I use something called "Alcool." i was advised to just go in and ask for a grain alcohol, and they gave me a bottle of alcool.

    2. try less water. what is the proof of the alcool? I usually make mine without water and dilute when mixing a drink

      1. If you used grain alcohol (around 190 proof) then your final limoncello should have been 95 proof which wouldn't have frozen in the freezer. Perhaps you're in a state that doesn't allow the sale of high proof liquor?
        Next time I'd let the lemons sit longer as well!

        1. Very odd.

          I use a 1.75ml handle of Kettle One vodka and let it steep with meyer lemon and lime rinds for at least two weeks. The simple syrup is added after the steep is filtered and then immediately put in the freezer.

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            Is there a safety reason for the freezing, or it just for serving temp? Every recipe seems to end up in the freezer, but none imply why. I made a grapefruit "cello" a few weeks ago and am just keeping it in the drinks cupboard with the rest of my bottles, and serving over crushed ice.

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              Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I need to let mine steep longer, and use a better liquor.

              cali2ia, the freezing is so that it can be enjoyed clod. The way i prefer it.

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                It will last longer (up to a year) if kept in a freezer; in a warm cupboard, you risk spoilage