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Oct 5, 2007 07:53 AM

Last night with out of town guests

Thanks for the recommendations. I took our foodie friends to Mirai (since we could walk there from my place in Bucktown and wanted to sit outside for Asian). Had a great meal, as always. Tonight, we have Blackird.

Now, with one night left--where to go to for totally different food Sat night? thinking Latin Fusion, i.e. Delacosta (but had a not so good meal last time--anyone else?), Carnivale type places but with better food...they do not want mexican....could do Italian (but are really picky as to Italian) as they lived in NYC and had great Italain there...thoughts?

Also, what about Saturday brunch/lunch ideas....anyone done FRontera on Sat...or know of any other places?

Too bad Sweets and Savories is not open for burnch Sat--would be perfect...should we do lula cafe?

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  1. Or high-end Thai like Erawan that closed?

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      If we decided to do thai--is Spoon Thai or TAC better overall, i.e. food and ambience...and if so, what are the best things to order? Thanks!

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        TAC and Spoon are different from each other. I'd say that TAC might have a slightly better ambiance, in that it's a bit more hip in the way it's decorated, and has outside seating. Both have very good food, but offer different things. Both are BYO. You can't go wrong with either one. Maybe look at where the streets are being closed for the marathon, and avoid that area ;)

    2. How about Mas on Division? I haven't been there in about a year, but always liked it in the past. I also like Las Tablas, but I would recommend going there for lunch- never been there for dinner.