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Oct 5, 2007 07:39 AM

Ethiopian Adventure

A friend from out of town and I are looking to have an Ethiopian culinary adventure in DC. She has eaten a lot of Ethiopian cuisines in restaurants throughout the northeast but not yet DC. I on the other hand am not an expert on Ethiopian restaurants in the D.C. area.

Do you have any recommendations for our culinary adventure? Thank you in advance!

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  1. There are a dozen threads active in the last few months, so please search those.

    The U St. area is where you want to be, and the consensus favorites tend to be Dukem, Etete, and Queen Makeda.

    1. I love both Etete (fastening food platter, derek tibs) and Queen Makeda (shiro, red lentils, greens, yebeg alicha, tibs wat). both on 9th Street between T and U.

      1. I would second Steve's/Danielk's recommendations. I spent a week this August eating my way through many of the places in the U St/9th St area and you can see my reviews if you search past threads on chowhounds.

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        1. re: Professor12

          Are any of these places kid friendly and open for lunch? We're trying to expose our kids to all types of cuisines at an early age. We have a 4yr old and a 1 yr old.

          1. re: ffxjack

            Etete, Queen Makeda, and Dukem are all open for lunch 7 days a week.

            Kid-friendly is a bit trickier. There won't be a chicken nugget or pasta dish in sight. If your kids are willing to eat things they don't recognize, that potentially have unusual flavors (not necessarily HOT spicy, but spices they might not normally encounter), great. If not, they might be eating a lot of injera (bread)...

            1. re: ffxjack

              Dukem is less kid-friendly because the food is spicier in general and and the heat is difficult to avoid.

          2. This might help:

            We had a nice time at Dynasty at 14th and V. Also, in Crystal City, there's Harar Mesob on S 23rd which had a good Yedoro Wot... couldn't say much for the ambiance, though. Across the street from them is Enjera Eritrean, which some have already posted about here.