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Oct 5, 2007 07:38 AM

recs on Anthony's in Shilshole

Visiting Seattle in 2 wks. Has anyone had the brunch or the all-you-can Dungeness Crab? If negative, your recommendation for brunch or Dungeness Crab.

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  1. I've done the all you can eat dungie before, but its been years. I remember it being good, I mean, its dungie, either hot or cold, with butter and maybe something else for dipping sauce. veggies on the side. Pretty simple.

    Those kind of things are always wasted on me because I can never eat more than one!

    1. it's freshly cooked local crab - it's all you can eat for less money than you pay your plumber for an hour's work - libations of every sort are available for the asking - the room is attractive and right on the water - heavenly choirs and willing companions are, sadly, not included....

      1. If you are going to head out to Anthony's for a sunday evening, it would be the only thing I reccomend. It is a reasonable price, and delicious crab. Simply prepared and served. Skip the soup/salad and bread and focus on the crab. Have fun.

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        1. re: skisvalley

          For the same price range, I would got to Ray's upstairs cafe, which is right next door. Much better food, unless you have your heart set on all you can eat crab.

          Chandlers on lake union has a good crab fest on now.

          Sorry, just not an Anthony's fan. Has that chain feeling, but that's just me, it is popular.

          1. re: bluedog67

            Chandler's menu lists no King, only Red King, which is usually Snow Crab and a poor substitute for King.
            And who are the Schwartz brothers? Are they from around here?

            1. re: mrnelso

              You're not gonna get all you can eat King crab...
              Dungeness is great though.

              I am told that it's an all-you-can-eat to clean out the kitchen for the next week's supply, so it's not THE freshest, but I've never had issue.

              1. re: GreenYoshi

                Sorry I confused you, Yoshi. My comment was about Chandler's menu, not about Anthony's All You Can Eat Dungeness feed. Maybe you can help me understand something, though. An old Northwesterner, and fond of Kinig Crab, I was disapppointed a year or wo ago by some crab labeled "Red King," that was clearly not. I supposed it to be Snow Crab, but was never sure. It could be that the market had merely mislabeled it, and I hope you can clarify. Is "Red King" a new marketing label for good old King crab, or has it always been marketed under this label and I just never noticed?

            2. re: bluedog67

              I always liked Chinooks which, while being part of the Anthony's Empire, I don't remember actually seeing the word 'Anthony's' there... It feels different than the others Anthony's I've been to. More... well... it feels like the dock looks out the windows.

              1. re: jaydeflix

                King Crab is either Red or Brown. Snow Crab is either Tanner, Bairdi, or Opilio. Red King is the largest of all crabs.

                All you can eat Dungeness at Anthony's is 26 per person or something like that. A whole cook (1 crab) at Ray's upstairs is 40 bucks. Just had one sunday and it was way overpriced.

          2. I forgot - Go to Jack's Fish Spot and get a fresh-steamed crab right out of the live-tank.