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Heirloom apples near Worcester or Maynard, Ma

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Visiting friends in Maynard, mass over the weekend. We're driving up from south of Hartford, ct.

With it being apple season I was hoping to be able to pick up some apples on the way - I can get all of the 'normal' types (macoun, cortland etc) locally but would like to pick up something more interesting - gravenstein, rhode island greening or cox's orange pippins - the apples I remember from the UK always seem much tastier than the standard US varieties...

From some online searching looks like there are some places in the Berkshires & Southern VT, but wondered if any chowhounds knew of anywhere more towards Boston


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  1. Honeypot Hill in Stow. Real close to Maynard and quality apples. Make sure to get some of their cider, as well. It is the good stuff - unpasteurized.

    Edit: Try and go on a weekday just before closing time. They get pretty busy some times.

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      Here's their location:

      Honey Pot Hill Orchards
      144 Sudbury Rd, Stow, MA

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        Do they actually have Heirloom varieties though?
        I know that when I was working at Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton, MA many years ago in my youth (mid to late 80s), there were a few experimental grafts on some trees that had quite a few different heirloom varieties - but obviously not available to the general public. Generally they were grafted onto those trees so that they could sample making them into wine and other things I believe.

        I remember tasting my first (and my last) Orange Cox Pippin there -- Yum! Quite a different flavor than the apples that are commonplace here in New England.

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          They advertise as having Gravenstein's on the website, but I didn't actually look for some when I was there.

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            Gravensteins are a really early-season apple. They might be all gone. I know I've seen Rhode Island Greenings at farmers' markets, but maybe not orchards in that area--I think Keown had them, and Noquochoke (best apples ever, I love those people). Cox Orange Pippin are hard to find. I know I was somewhere last year that had them (and was sad not to love them that much--didn't like the texture), but I'm racking my brains and I can't even remember what state it was in.

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              I never thought about Gravensteins being an heirloom variety.. Are they really hard to find?

              I think Nashoba Valley Winery has Gravensteins for picking by general public, but I'm not sure.

    2. Belkin Lookout farm in s. natick has quite a variety, including asian pears. Not sure of specifics.

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        Thanks to all for recommendations - I called Honey Pot & they had the Gravensteins already mentioned, but nothing else that sounded very interesting.

        Instead we went to Hutchins Farm in Concord - they didn't have the widest selection either but they did have organic Spenser & Spy & a some other crossbreeds - all of which are extremly tasty & much better than anything I've found here in CT. Also a wide selection of quality organic veggies so we filled up for the week...

        I think that what's considered heirlooms for apples varies widely (cox's are a v. commercial variety in the UK but I have to travel far to find them in the NE USA). But there is definitely a 'taste profile' difference between the widely available apples in the US (even locally grown) and many of the ones mentioned here which tend to be tarter/more acidic & in my opinion more 'appley'. The best place I've found by far is Scotts Farm in Dummerston VT but that's a fair haul for us from the Hartford ct area.