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Oct 5, 2007 07:29 AM

Fun place for large party, maybe Bethesda?

I need some help! We have a party of about 17 people looking for a fun, loud, not too expensive dinner on a Saturday night. We were thinking of Rio Grande in Bethesda, but they won't take a reservation for 7pm on a Saturday! I can't chance it with such a big party, so I was hoping someone may have a suggestion. We were thinking Bethesda, but not totally set in that.....DC would be fine, but not VA. We are a group of 30-somethings celebrating several birthdays in the group.....

Thank you!

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  1. cafe asia on I street would be a nice choice. My wife and i had our engagment party there and it was a large party. The service was spectacular and the food is very good as well. They also have a large menu that can please anyone and it definitely has a lively atmosphere as well.

    1. You'll have to check, but I think Saturday is Taste of Bethesda, so the Woodmont Triangle area might still be a plave to avoid at 7PM

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        This is for next Saturday (the 13th), not this one....but thanks!!!

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          mon ami gabi but also be a good choice if you want to stay in bethesda

      2. Fun, loud, inexpensive, 17 people = Rock Bottom

        1. I like Mia's Pizza in Bethesda -- not sure if they would do a party of 17; you'd have to call and ask.

          1. If Rio Grande was one of your original options, Austin Grill in Bethesda might work out for you- good margs, good food, not too expensive, and I've seen large parties there for both lunch and dinner, so I'm sure they'd be able to accommodate you