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Fun place for large party, maybe Bethesda?

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I need some help! We have a party of about 17 people looking for a fun, loud, not too expensive dinner on a Saturday night. We were thinking of Rio Grande in Bethesda, but they won't take a reservation for 7pm on a Saturday! I can't chance it with such a big party, so I was hoping someone may have a suggestion. We were thinking Bethesda, but not totally set in that.....DC would be fine, but not VA. We are a group of 30-somethings celebrating several birthdays in the group.....

Thank you!

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  1. cafe asia on I street would be a nice choice. My wife and i had our engagment party there and it was a large party. The service was spectacular and the food is very good as well. They also have a large menu that can please anyone and it definitely has a lively atmosphere as well.

    1. You'll have to check, but I think Saturday is Taste of Bethesda, so the Woodmont Triangle area might still be a plave to avoid at 7PM

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        This is for next Saturday (the 13th), not this one....but thanks!!!

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          mon ami gabi but also be a good choice if you want to stay in bethesda

      2. Fun, loud, inexpensive, 17 people = Rock Bottom

        1. I like Mia's Pizza in Bethesda -- not sure if they would do a party of 17; you'd have to call and ask.

          1. If Rio Grande was one of your original options, Austin Grill in Bethesda might work out for you- good margs, good food, not too expensive, and I've seen large parties there for both lunch and dinner, so I'm sure they'd be able to accommodate you

            1. Cafe Peju and Mom Ami Gabi do private parties and Jaleo might be able to section off an area.