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Oct 5, 2007 07:25 AM

ramen soup ideas?

Anyone do anything special to doctor up ramen soup?
We add poached eggs but we're looking to do more......

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  1. Yes! Add slices of chinese bbq pork (char siu pork), kamaboko slices (fish cake with the pink outer coloring), maybe some kimchee or other asian pickled items, and lots of green onion. This is the Hawaiian saimin style of ramen. You can find these items at stores in the Argyle/Broadway area, and you'll have to go to a place where they have ducks in the window to get the char siu pork. Buy it by the pound.

    1. Ramen is a great way to use up leftovers.

      I use lots of vegetables -- whatever I have, I either throw in the pot as it boils or quickly stirfy and add. The might include mushrooms (preferably shiakes), bean sprouts, bok choy, small broccoli flowers, onion I also throw in shrimp or leftover chicken. And I add an egg -- not poached, but stirred up in the soup so that it's more of an egg drop.

      It's a pretty hearty meal by the time I finish.

      1. I put in seaweed and hard boiled egg. If I have it, a bit of leftover pork. I also keep a huge bottle of prepared fish sauce around and splash in a bit. A little bit of vinegar adds some flavor too. KK's ideas are better, but it's tough to keep stuff like that on hand without gobbling it all up.

        Oh, I almost forgot. Fried garlic. It goes great with ramen.

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          All good ideas, above. I like to also add a couple tablespoons of miso. Dip out a little hot water with a measuring cup and dissolve the miso in it before returning to pot. Using some chicken broth instead of all water is nice, too. I also add a clump of bean threads, softened in warm water, at the end to up the noodle quotient.

          With me, too it winds up a hearty meal.

          1. re: MikeLM

            Addendum- I like to turn it into a hot and sour soup, adding a good slug of vinegar, hot chile sesame oil to taste, and some cornstarch. I always stir a raw egg in at the end, whichever way I'm going.

        2. Add some onion, sliced chili pepper, shrimp, clams, squid strips, mussels
          or chopped green onions, kimchi, and chopped pork.
          Egg is a must.

          1. Before opening the package of ramen soup, break up the noodles well by crushing with heel of your hand. Make a salad of greens and mandarin oranges. Open the noodle package, throw away the heavily salted flavoring packet, and pour the crushed noodles on the salad. Toss the salad a little bit before adding vinegar and oil as dressing.