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Oct 5, 2007 07:20 AM

Need a nice/old French Restaurant in the Orlando area.

I am trying to organize a seated dinner for 30+ in Orlando, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are looking for a nice French restaurant (not a chain) that preferably has a private room.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Oh, cost is not an issue. Thanks!

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  1. Try Coq Au Vin or Chez Vincent.


    1. Chez Vincent. They are a really small resturant and would most likely rent out the whole rest. We were supposed to have our rehersal dinner there and that's what they were going to do for us, but then Hurricane Charley came through and that had to be cancelled. Their food is excellent and the owner/chef are excellent to work with - menus and wine selection.

      1. Both are great. Coq au Vin is French peasent food in an old farm house. Small but great wine list. Chez Vincent is more old school French. A little more upscale but still casual. Both have a lot of heart and soul in what they do. Where are you staying? Coq is just a few miles south of downtown on Orange Ave. and Vincent is in Winter Park a few blocks west of Park Ave.

        1. Altamonte Springs has Maison & Jardin. It is available for private dinners only. I have alwasy had wonderful meals there.

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            I second that! Wonderful food!!!