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Oct 5, 2007 07:19 AM

Felidia Lunch Today!

Any recs? Quickly please. Thanks.

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  1. ive only been for dinner but i had the burrata and the veal tenderloin...both very delicious and in my opinion, the only good items that were ordered at my party of 6.

    1. I've only been for dinner, but everything I tried (we all tried off each other's plates) was delicious. I don't think you can go wrong with anything on the menu there. I did have the quill shaped pasta with duck and that was amazing.

      You can also ask your server - they are excellent there! Enjoy!!

      1. I too have only been for dinner. Loved everything. Especially good was the olive oil tasting.

        1. I'll report. The fegatini di pollo was amazing- both chunky over polenta and in a mousse. Mrs. GG and I each had a fantastic pappardelle with rabbit and mushroom ragout over which we had shaved a summer white truffle (too early for winter) which was still great and which transported us back to that restaurant near the flea market in Florence 16 years ago. For a main Mrs. GG's quail saltimbocca wrapped in pancetta was amazing and my veal 3 ways ("vitello, vitello, vitello")- braised cheeks, sweetbreads and grilled tenderloin with mushrooms was pure autumn. Two half bottles of Barolo and a chestnut flan and we were happy happy.

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            love the felidia.
            glad you enjoyed your meal.