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Best Restaurant Bread

Another string of posts about the bread served at restaurants inspired me to think of my favorites in terms of the bread that is offered with meals at any and all types of restaurants. Given the national perspective, what chains or big time restaurants do you think offer the best bread/chips/snacks delivered to the table?

The first things that come to my mind are:

Bread platter at Olives
Assorted bread from Mesa Grill
Cheesecake Factory pumpernickel bread
Red Lobster rolls
Jose Tejas fresh tortilla chips
(Id like to add a few Jersey italian restaurants with the fresh baked breads)

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  1. Ohhh, I know the haters will come down on me (I hate the place but my Grandma makes me go sometimes), but those rolls at Red Lobster are good!

    Also the bread at Atlantic Grill with the Strawberry butter, yummm!

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      3rd the rolls at Red Lobster.

      I also like the bread at Lucille's, but only because it comes with that apple butter.

      There's a spot by my parents' house in La Mirada called El Ranchito that does amazing flour chips/salsa and fresh made corn tortillas. A lot of times I don't even really eat my entree, and I tend to eat a lot...part of being a young male I guess.

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        I agree. The rolls that Read Lobster are wonderful.

      2. I love the rosemary herb bread with olive oil at Macaroni Grill!!

        1. The bread at Lottawotta Creek in Fairview Heights, IL

          1. The Cheesecake Factory does not have pumpernickel bread, just plain whole wheat. Its not chocolate bread, its not brown bread, or rye or pumpernickel. Just plain ol' whole wheat bread.
            Don't ask me how I know this...

            1. Carabba's sourdough bread with the olive oil infused with fresh herbs-sooo good!

              1. whatever the cheesecake factory bread is... it is definitely amazing.

                and also the cornbread at Smokey Bones... with the pecan butter... DELICIOUS.

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                  i was told it was pumpernickel, and i don't know the source of the above poster's info. that said, in los angeles at least, at the local markets, they sell loaves of the brown bread at cheesecake factory--oatmeal flakes and all :)

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                    OMG Pleeeeease tell me what markets I can get it at! I live in LA and I looooooove that bread!

                2. Miniature Parker House rolls lightly dusted with sea salt at CityZen in Washington, DC.

                  1. Memorable bread for me has to be the garlic bread served at The Old Homestead steakhouse in NYC. It's served as a jenga bread would be (as a tower) and at the foundation is a lake of delicate cheese sauce used to dip the bread in. Worth every penny.

                    1. Bravo's - very similar to Macaroni Grill but better
                      BLT Steak - Popovers
                      Texas Roadhouse - Hot rolls
                      Capitol Grille - the pumpernickel with raisins - DIVINE

                      1. If you get to southeastern Michigan, bread at any Kruse and Muer restaurant. They have restaurants in Rochester, Rochester Hills, Troy, and Lake Orion. They make it fresh at each restaurant and is coated with butter, herbs, and poppy seeds.

                        The sourdough bread at Mitchell's Fish Market is also excellent.

                        1. I have to disagree with Red Lobster cheddar biscuits. They used to be the best things on the planet Earth IMO, but I think that they do not taste as good as they once did. They are not that flavorful anymore, not to mention that they are smaller than they used to be. Still good, but not good enough to cause fights over who gets the last one. ;)

                          1. Smokehouse cheddar/garlic bread

                            1. Outback pumpernickel bread is yummy