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Oct 5, 2007 07:06 AM

Cary, NC - Dinner - lighter fare?

We'll be getting in to Cary sometime after 6pm and after driving for 4 hrs don't know that we'll be in the mood to run into downtown Raleigh for dinner. Any ideas for somewhere we could get good apps, a salad and a glass of wine/beer. Not fried bar food.

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  1. Ciao Cafe & Wine Bar sounds like exactly what you're looking for: . . . or at least, if I were in your position, it's where I would be heading.

    Ciao Cafe & Wine Bar
    201 W Chatham St # 100, Cary, NC

    1. Don't know if Bosphorus have a liquor license but the food fits your description. It's a Turkish restaurant that serves Turkish/Mediterranean cusine-

      If you're coming from I-40 (Harrison Ave exit), the restaurant is in the little strip mall immediately on the right before the railroad tracks.

      1. The Lotus Leaf in Cary would fit the bill. Northwoods Market shopping center at the corner of Harrison and Maynard.

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          I second Lotus Leaf -- inside seating is better, I think. They do take reservations.

        2. Ciao is an excellent choice. Now that we're in the "R" months consider Tony's. Apps are half price weekdays 5-7 PM.

          Tony's Bourbon Street Oyster Bar
          107 Edinburgh Drive South, Cary, NC