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Oct 5, 2007 07:05 AM

Dinner in Atlanta

Heading to Atlanta for 3 days on business (10+ people) and need a restaurant to take clients to. We are staying in the Midtown area.

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  1. I've been to Nan for business meetings before and it worked out really well. But it was a problem for anyone who wasn't into foreign cuisines. If you've got more traditional folks as far as tastes, then One Midtown Kitchen or Rathbuns might be better bets.

    1. I would agree with Nan as a recommendation. Recently had a business lunch here and it was pretty great. Very impressive and high end Thai food. For those not into ethnic cuisine, I would say Ecco is a great spot to go. Its at Cypress St. and 7th in Midtown...and a varied menu of entrees, pizza, small plates. Rathbun's is a good choice but can be rather loud. The Globe could also be a good destination for you with their varied menu, cool interior, and midtown location (5th and Spring in midtown).

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        I wasn't wowed by Globe, but I definitely agree with all of the other suggestions.

      2. Maybe Veni Vidi Vici, I have always had great food there.

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          Rathbun's might be a bit of a hike. Veni Vidi Vici (14th & West Peachtree) is always a good choice for a "power dinner," and they have a small private room you might consider (don't think there's a rental charge for it). I recently went to Trois (14th & Peachtree) for the first time. Don't know if the noise level inside will be condusive to a business dinner, but the food was fabulous. If you have a carnivorous crowd, consider Taurus. It won't necessarily win any culinary awards, but it's likely to be spot-on for a business group. As I write you I mourn the now-decades-ago loss of Coach & Six which would have met all your requirements (location, cuisine, atmosphere) perfectly.

        2. Good suggestions so far, but I suggest that you also do a search on this board. We frequently address questions like this, and it is easier to answer your query in a more tailored way if you give us some ideas of what you would like.

          Also, please do post a follow-up!

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            Thanks, LizATL I have been looking at the site and have some good suggestions. The dinner is not to meet, as much as to treat clients to a night out. We are not adverse to a cab ride I just don't know Atlanta at all, or where to head. Any help is appreciated.

            1. re: mjb816

              So where did you end up going and how was it?

              I don't check this site frequently anymore, so I am just now seeing your response. Hope you had fun!