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Oct 5, 2007 06:54 AM

Condiment for bacon/cheddar scones?

I am leaving town today and will be staying with friends for the weekend. As a hostess gift, I have put together a basket of cinnamon muffins and bacon and cheddar scones. To me, the scones turned out a little dryer than I would have liked. I was wondering if there may be an intersting codiment I could include in the basket to negate some of the dryness. It must be easy to make or commercially available since I leave this afternoon. I have easy access to a Whole Foods and Central Market.
Thanks for the help.

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  1. both could go with apples - so an apple butter. i mean it's an interesting sweet/savory pairing but bacon and cheddar both pair with apples. so...

    i don't love apple butter personally though. maybe just mixing chives or scallions into butter or cream cheese - only problem is that would need to stay cold.

    okay so that wasn't all that helpful - but maybe someone else will have some ideas! have fun. sounds like a great gift.

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      Unlike AMFM, I love apple butter, and I think apple butter on a cheddar/bacon scone sounds absolutely delicious.

    2. I"m thinking some kind of mustard. I used to get these hot dogs that were stuffed with cheese and rolled in bacon - don't know how they did that - and mustard was perfect with them.

      1. For the scones how about a sweet and savory peach and horseradish?

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          Why not make a quick fruit jam peach and etc, sounds good to me. Jam can be made even from canned pineapple and apricot, Toss in some peppers, and that's a spicy sweet jam, gotta cute little jar? Cute. Print a cute label, or some parchment or brown paper, on it, write the jam, and tie with string or ribbon. I don't know why more people don't make jam. It is the just the easiest and can be so delicious. Any fruit will be delicious with your scones!
          I would be thrilled with your gift basket!

          Oh another thing, maybe a wonderful honey????

        2. Maybe a nice pepper jelly?

          1. A tomato jam, or herb jelly of some kind; or a pepper jelly maybe?