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Condiment for bacon/cheddar scones?

I am leaving town today and will be staying with friends for the weekend. As a hostess gift, I have put together a basket of cinnamon muffins and bacon and cheddar scones. To me, the scones turned out a little dryer than I would have liked. I was wondering if there may be an intersting codiment I could include in the basket to negate some of the dryness. It must be easy to make or commercially available since I leave this afternoon. I have easy access to a Whole Foods and Central Market.
Thanks for the help.

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  1. both could go with apples - so an apple butter. i mean it's an interesting sweet/savory pairing but bacon and cheddar both pair with apples. so...

    i don't love apple butter personally though. maybe just mixing chives or scallions into butter or cream cheese - only problem is that would need to stay cold.

    okay so that wasn't all that helpful - but maybe someone else will have some ideas! have fun. sounds like a great gift.

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      Unlike AMFM, I love apple butter, and I think apple butter on a cheddar/bacon scone sounds absolutely delicious.

    2. I"m thinking some kind of mustard. I used to get these hot dogs that were stuffed with cheese and rolled in bacon - don't know how they did that - and mustard was perfect with them.

      1. For the scones how about a sweet and savory jam...like peach and horseradish?


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          Why not make a quick fruit jam peach and etc, sounds good to me. Jam can be made even from canned pineapple and apricot, Toss in some peppers, and that's a spicy sweet jam, gotta cute little jar? Cute. Print a cute label, or some parchment or brown paper, on it, write the jam, and tie with string or ribbon. I don't know why more people don't make jam. It is the just the easiest and can be so delicious. Any fruit will be delicious with your scones!
          I would be thrilled with your gift basket!

          Oh another thing, maybe a wonderful honey????

        2. Maybe a nice pepper jelly?

          1. A tomato jam, or herb jelly of some kind; or a pepper jelly maybe?

            1. All great ideas! Thank you.
              I had not thought about apple butter. I love apple butter and that may be perfect.
              I wonder if I can find a tomato jam at Whole Foods? That would be a nice option, too.

              1. My first thought was something rich & creamy, such as Devonshire cream, but I'm not sure how available it'd be.

                1. How about softened butter blended with Dijon mustard?

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                    I think that sounds great, but I need it to travel in the car for a few hours (in Texas no less). I am not sure how this would hold up.

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                      Honey Bee,

                      Maybe you could mix the butter and mustard, and then partially (or totally) freeze it, put it in an insulated container and keep it close to the AC vent! Living in Houston, I know what you mean.

                    1. I think sweet and savory is right on the money, but I am doubtful of apple butter. Don't they put spices like cinnamon in that?

                      I would opt for an onion confit. It's sweet from the slow cooked onions but still a little savory.

                      1. for the scones, tomato chutney, green or red. english, domestic, or from indian/ethnic aisle; for muffins, some chestnut honey.

                        just remembered a (subtly) pineapple flavored soft butter that is served with cinna-scented zucchini muffins at restaurant "Lunch on Limoges". sooooooo delicious!

                        1. Thanks All! I am off to the Whole Foods to see which of these items I can find. I may buy more than one, have a quick sample to see what is best, and place that in the basket. I'll keep the leftover condiments for myself. Everyone wins!

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                            please report back your successes!

                          2. Thanks to everyone for all the great ideas.
                            I bought mango habenero jam, apple butter, and made a chive butter. All three worked in their own way but my favorites were the chive butter and the mango/habenero jam. My hosts really enjoyed the gift basket and served the items for Saturday morning breakfast (along with a fruit salad and yogurt).